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The youth team won the tournament in Benito Juarez

In a last match that showed the high level of the Argentine National Youth Girls Team all through out the tournament, the young team won the Final of the ACLAV Argentine Women Teams Cup played vs. Regatas de Resistencia 3-0 (25-16, 25-20, 25-21). The team coached by Oscar Romano finished undefeated and losing a single set on the five day tournament at Polideportivo Grabriel A. Solis in Benito Juarez.

With many fans covering the court where the Argentine National Youth Girls Team played as local, the young team answered. On the first set the girls kept calm and built point after point. The first TTO arrived 8-7 to get a bigger difference thanks to the great blocking work by 13-9 to reach the second TTO 16-10. With Josefina Fernandez spiking the score became 20-12 and with Lucia Fresco and the incoming of Victoria Mariano serving the set closed 25-16.

The second started levelled until Tanya Acosta got to serving. With two points on her hands the Argentine Youth Girls Team reached the first TTO 8-6 and with Florencia Carlotto outstanding serving the difference in the second TTO was 16-10. Fresco and Mariano put pressure at the end as they did on the first set to put the score 24-15. Regattas showed a great come back but Fernandez found the visiting blocking and making good use of it closed the set 25-20.

Again in the third Acosta output was great to get a 6-4 difference. The team of Chaco reacted quicker to put the set 10-14. Romano included Elena Klug to reach the second TTO 16-15. Carlotto spiking from the middle and the set levelled at 19 - 19 it was Victoria Zabala serving that gave the young team the chance of celebrating when they closed the set 25-21.

With the title in the hands of the Argentine Youth Girls Team, the big advantage was for Regattas that upgraded to play next season A1 Women League. For the young team, their goal fulfilled: training, concentrating and growing to help Argentine Women Teams volleyball to improve.

Argentine Youth Girls Team 3 – Regatas de Resistencia 0
Sets: 25-16, 25-20, 25-21
Referees: Mauricio Lueje – Leonel Gasparini
Stadium: Polideportivo Gabriel A. Solis, Benito Juarez

Argentine Youth Girls Team (3): Antonela Curatola, Josefina Fernandez, Julia Benet, Lucia Fresco, Tanya Acosta, Florencia Carlotto (C), Analia Ortiz (L). Coach: Oscar Romano. Substitutes included: Maria Victoria Mariano, Elena Klug, Virginia Granado, Victoria Zabala, Soledad Molina.

Regatas de Resistencia (0): Sofia Frangioli, Luisina Binder, Magdalena Gazzola, Carolina Reguera, Noelia Lopez Rojas, Fiorella Marino, Vanina Rocha (L). Coach: Ricardo Pereyra. Substitutes included: Gianina Tonetti, Antonella Tonetti, Natalia Yacuzzi.


Benito Juarez - FeVA Press Dept.

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