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Morresi, Sport Secretary and other CONADE delegate met in Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata, Argentina, November 2, 2011 - At the final games of Juegos Evita 2011 in the resort city of Mar del Plata, a new meeting of the National Sport Council (CONADE) took place with the presence among others of FeVA President, Arq. Alejandro Bolgeri as delegate for the Argentine Olympic Committee.

“This meeting take place in a very special moment when one government is leaving office and another is taking place and we have in mind that Sport Policies should go on address by the government beyond the time people are in charge, making great changes in Argentina”, expressed the National Sport Secretary, Mr. Claudio Morresi.

With the participation of the Secretary of Sport of the National Social Development Ministry and the president of the National Sport Council (CONADE), Claudio Morresi at the end of the Juegos Evita in Mar del plata celebrated today a new meeting of the CONADE with delegates representing the different sport regions of the country.

Morresi was together with the Under-Secretaries Gustavo Vwety (also General Secretary of CONADE) and Marcelo Chames and the Sport Secretariat Consultant, Raul Araya.

During the meeting different proposals were presented as the opening of regional sport developing centres, for example in the NOA Area. Also it was remembered that in Santiago del Estero just some time ago a running track was opened and it was entioned to give priority to a running track in La Patagonia for the Juegos de la Araucanía and to give power and broadcasting to these activities as there is only one in La Pampa. Also it was mentioned the idea of broadcasting sports as there are places where some sports do not have the necessary support (as fencing and fighting in NOA).

Chames also mentioned about making a study of all federated sports to obtain concrete data when there is no accurate information. Also it was included the idea of exchanging athletes with different neighbourhood countries. Morresi will present this idea in December inthe next South American Sport meeting (CONSUDE).

At the end there was presented a 35.000 people survey done in the whole country, the largest until now, to know how much sport is done in Argentina. Carlos Gonzalez confirmed the idea of making a competition for working people next year.