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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 18, 2011 - This Friday at a new Regular Assembly of the Argentine Volleyball Federation it was established the new Board of Administration and and the Memory, Balance, stock and all the other documents in the Assembly Minutes.

The new authorities and the Minutes of the day were:

Argentine Volleyball Federation - Board of Administration:
1st. Vice-President - Prof. RODOLFO REZZOAGLI
2nd. Vice-President - Prof. DANIEL REYNOSO ARCE
3rd. Vice-President - C.P.N. VICENTE FINELLI
4th Vice-President - Mr. JORGE TORRES
5th Vice-President - Prof. CELIA MONTARULLI
6th Vice-President - Prof. JUAN ÁNGEL PEREYRA
General Secretary - Lic. GABRIEL SALVIA
Under-Secretary - Mr. FABIAN RAMÓN
Minutes Secretary - Mr. EDUARDO IGLESIAS
Minutes Under-Secretary - Lic. ALFREDO CONTRERAS
Treasurer - Mr. JUAN GALEOTE
Under-Treasurer - Prof. JOSÉ MARÍA CUADRILLERO
1st. Member - Mr. OMAR ALMIRÓN
2nd. Member - Mr. MARIO PROLA
3rd. Member - Mr. NÉSTOR LUIS LUKACH
4th. Member - Ms. ESTELA ISOLA
5th Member - Mr. JOSÉ VILTE
1st. Alternative Member - Dr. EDUARDO TASSANO
2nd. Alternative Member - Prof. SUSANA GAITÁN
3rd. Alternative Member - Prof. DANIEL FERNÁNDEZ
4th. Alternative Member - Sr. HÉCTOR OMAR DANIGNO
5th Alternative Member - Dr. JORGE CABRAL
6th. Alternate Member - Mr. CARLOS BECKER
7th. Alternate Member - Mr. MARCOS CHIGAL
8th. Alternate Member - Mr. EDUARDO SALA
1st. Auditor - Mr. NELSON BALDELLOU
2nd. Auditor - Mr. LEOPOLDO OLMO
3rd. Auditor - Prof. OSCAR DE SARRO
1st. Alternate Auditor - Ing. SILVIA SAAD
2nd. Alternate Auditor - Mr. JORGE QUIROGA
3rd. Alternate Auditor - Mr. GABRIEL MÁRQUEZ

Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011

1. Noming two members to sign the Minutes
2. Considering the validity of the power of the delegates
3. Approving Memory, Balance, Stock, Expenses and Incomes and Report of the Supervision Corp over the exercise closing December 31, 2010
4. 2011 Annual Budget
5. Considering and approving the social fees for the year 2011
6. Election of the new Board of Administration including the President, 17 members and 8 alternative members.
7. Election of three members and three alternative members for the new period replacing those ending their term.
8. Authorize the Board of Administraton to settle the fees for the new period in the last Board of Administration meeting of each year, ad referendum of the following General Assembly.

Also at the end of the Assembly, the Board of Administration that left thanked and congratulated for the work held during the period until now and to the new authorities.