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Work findind new talented athletes does not stop all over the country

Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 12, 2011 - It is end of the year 2011 but the development program finding new talented volleyball players does not stop all over the country. New events took place in the north, at the NOA, in Cordoba and in the south without any rest.

Corrientes (Juan José Jantus): There was a concentration in Paso de los Libres, November 12th-13th with the work of leo Martinelli and Omar Schiro and the support of Andres Gomez and Osvaldo Torres. FeVA wants to thank the City Hall and the CEF No. 22 where worked included for 18 boys that will also take part of December concentration.

Entre Ríos (Andrea Luppi): After watching future players all over the province in the month of December there will be a concentration in the city of Nogoyá.

Julio Giménez (Tucumán/S. del Estero): NOA keeps working without stop adding several different concentrations. In the city of Tucuman children enjoyed a conentration November 19th - 20th for students of Boisdron, Instituto Árabe, Ins. Tucumán, Comercio de Alderetes, Normal Monteros, Sagrado Corazón, Colegio Tulio, Ins. Pellegrini, Consolación de Tafí Viejo and Esc. De Comercio. Fourteen children ranged categories 95-96-97-98 worked hard in charge of Marcelo Díaz and the coordination of Julio Giménez with balls used for the ACLAV Argentine A1 league.

Córdoba (Cristian Ventura): Great activity has been held all over the province during the year. There was one concentration in the city of Oncativo in charge of Lorena Pizarro and Gustavo Villegas under the coordination of Cristian Ventura on December 6 at Club Unión de Oncativo facilities with two fields and all necesary materials to work double shift. Forty children, 12 from nearby schools and of local and regional clubs belonging to School Ipem, ACD, Club Unión, Colegio Puertas del Sol, Ipem 158 and I.P.D.E.S. received bood broadcasting by the local Media.

South Region (Marcelo Leiva): Also in the south of the country activity goes on without stop as it has been happening all over the year 2011. On December 8th - 9th there were training events in Comodoro Rivadavia with children that participated of the School Games 2011. Also there will be still prior to ending the year events in Santa Cruz (Río Gallegos), December 15th - 16th at Club Boxing facilities with children that come from the City of Trelew, Paso del Sapo, El Hoyo, Esc. Madrynense, Domingo Savio, Esc. Juan XXIII, Mariano Moreno, Martín Rivadavia, Escuela de Arte and Deán Funes.