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The players make their own 2012 summer season balance

Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 7, 2012 - Even though the 2012 Argentine National Beach Volleyball Season has not ended yet, no doubt it is an historical important edition. With eight very successful stops already finished and with the idea of going on playing, it has been a very important competition season in different parts of the country. The players that participated of the same, supported by the improvement done by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) make their positive balance, even before ending the actual edition.

Santiago Etchegaray that together with Pablo Suárez are the teams that won most of the stops of this season believes that the competition is on the right path. "During the summer of the year 2009 we had three stops and now we already played eight, with the chance of adding some more, added to the fact that we played in places we never did before. There has been a great improvement and we hope the competition remains getting better day after day, because even though things can always be improved, the fact that the competition reaches every part of the country and that the calendar is wider seems the right path to think that the following year will be even better than the one before" expresses the 2011 Guadalajara Pan-American Games Medallist.

For Juan Simón Zorrilla, twice at the Podium in the year 2012 directly this "is the longest season since I participate of beach volleyball. The Entre Río player added: "We faced very good teams, with lots of power that showed great training, something that many do not take into account. Athletes that take care of themselves thinking on the beach season. They take care of their food so everyone enjoyed the great season we had and that helps us all to try to keep improving our level. We arrived to venues with great organization, good stadiums and overcrowded tribunes, we enjoyed also the hosting, the food and over all the great human beings we met".

Gabriel Fernández, at the final match in Cabrera, Cordoba also pointed out more or less the same. "The organization of this season was good even though there was not enough time to broadcast each stop. Many places offered great facilities, even more of what the players needed. The competition itself was very good because even though Suárez-Etchegaray were the best by far, several teams showed great performances at different stops, improving their playing quality. We only have to reach such a level that more enterprises support us, so that awards are higher and then the history will be different all together".

This edition also had something different, the participation of the Uruguayan Renzo Cairús, that decided to participate of the Argentine National Beach Volleyball Tour looking for experience and growth. "I think it was an incredible season. Great matches and even better human beings. It has been the best season I know. That is what I came for and I found it. A competitive competition to grow and it was very useful to face very experienced players" he said.

So, without the season being over yet, the balance is very positive. "That makes us think on a promising future. One sees thinks that can always be improved but it is time to say thank you and applaud" ended saying Zorrilla. "I thank the chance of sharing this season with great experienced players and having participated with this giant volleyball family, where there is always place for a sime and time to share with all of them great moments" finished saying Cairús.