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Etchegaray-Mehamed playing to qualify for Quater-Finals in Paraguay

Asunción Paraguay, March 31, 2012 - It was an outstanding positive day for the four Argentine beach volleyball teams representing the country at the 6th stop of the South American Beach Volleyball Tour that started this Friday in Paraguay At Club Puerto Sajonia Gallay-Zonta and Etchegaray-Mehamed finished leading their pools.

Even though the four Argentine teams - two per gender had to share pools, there was no elimination and all of them qualified for the next round where the light blue - white jersey will shine on this last Sunday day of this stop. The best performances were for Ana Gallay-Virginia Zonta, that after defeating on the first day the other Argentine team Gabriela Albano-Luciana Forguez, on the second date overcame very easily 2-0 Chile 2, Daniela Burgos-Estefanía Melus; and Paraguay 1, Katrin Tiede-Karina Morel.

the same result obtained Albano-Forguez after losing at their debut against the other Argentine team securing with two 2-0 their place for Quarter Final. The result of both matches was 2-0 (1-12, 21-16).

As they shared the pool they will not face each other at Quarter-Finals, something it will happen with the teams of Venezuela and the host Paraguay. Albano-Forguez will have a very demanding match v Brazil 2, Shaylyn Bruno-Val Dos Santos; Gallay-Zonta will measure their strength against one of the Continental Cup teams, from Uruguay Lucía Guigou-Fabiana Gómez.

At the men's competition Ian Mehamed-Santiago Etchegaray that on the first day celebrated two victories finished 2-1 their qualification over Paraguay 2, Richard Sanabria-Jorge Gaona. This result is very important for Argentina as the Mar del Plata team finished on the top of the pool, followed by Lisandro Rouzic-Julián Azaad.

A victory of Paraguay would have left out the other Argentine team Rouzic-Azaad as they closed their pool with two defeats, first v Etchegaray-Mehamed and then v Paraguay 1-2. But the team of a combination of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos defeated Uruguay 1, Andrés Stoll-Pablo Rodriguez 2-0 with a triple tie at the end with the best set ratio for the Argentine team.

Quarter-finals will be two "classical" South American Brazil v Argentina matches. Etchegaray- Mehamed will face the brothers Marcus-Guto, actual U 21 champions of the Brazilian tour while Rouzic-Azaad will face Billy-Bruno Schmidt, best Brazilian team.