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Mar del Plata, the pefect venue to start the winter season

Mar del Plata, Argentina, April 4 2012 - Without any rest, beach volleyball goes on after just a few days ago finishing an intensive nine stops summer season with a "Satellite" stop at the full of tourists Atlantic resort of Mar del Plata, this Thursday with Passover holidays. At a "classical" beach volleyball place, Balneario N°8 Biología de Playa Grande, the first Winter "Satellite stop will take place April 5th - 7th. The tournament heads towards the development of grass-root categories with 16 teams at the Main Draw. The Qualy will take place on Thursday.

Ten teams already are at the Main Draw with the Argentine Volleyball Federation main goal to develop and give great experience to the younger teams towards their Olympic project for the year 2016.

Martín conde-Facundo Del Coto, the Mar del Plata Delmonte-Taccone, the Mendoza Mocayar-Aveiro and the also local Funes-De Elorza promise excitement and great matches in a city full of visitors due to Monday, Thursday and Friday holidays.

lso Juan Zorrilla, another of the 2011 summer champions, Martín Carrocera, Luis Quiroga and many more seniors and juniors players will mix each other looking forward to their own growth.

Main Draw teams:
1. Martín Conde-Facundo Del Coto
2. Juan Simón Zorrilla-Martín Carrocera
3. Gabriel Fernández-Alejandro Ronconi
4. Luis Quiroga-Francisco Galeano
5. Fernando Siri-Damián Siri
6. Nicolás Aquindo-Nicolás Sass
7. Mariano Alonso-Mauricio García
8. Lucas Delmonte-Marcos Taccone
9. Emir Mocayar-Leandro Aveiro (wild card)
10. Facundo Funes-Samuel De Elorza (wild card)

Eleven teams will fight on Thursday from 10.30 onwards for the other six places at the Main Draw:First

Qualy - First Round
2 - 10:30 - Field 1 - Reiter-Pereira v Lapuente-Ricco
6 - 10:30 - Field 2 - López-Bruno v Ferré-Orengia
7 - 11:15 - Field 2 - Forastiero-Forastiero v Álvarez-Herrera

Second Round:
9 - 11:15 - Field 1 - Gnecco-Relagnez v (Winner 2)
10 - 12:30 - Field 2 - Murillo-Médici Gemin-Priede
11 - 12:30 - Field 1 - Posodente-Lezica v (Winner 6)
12 - 13:15 - Field 2 - (Winner 7) v Bueno-Sánchez