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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Tassano, Officia of the FeVA Board of Administration

Corrientes, Argentina, May 1, 2012 - The new management of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) is getting the support of all country and this includes, as per Dr. Eduardo Tassano from Corrientes and FeVA Board of Administration official, his Corrientes Volleyball Federation. He expressed mainly that the new management shows great challenges for his province Volleyball with the same happening at many small volleyball provinces.

"I understand that there is a huge working engagement, thinking that volleyball must reach every corner of the country at the same level, and I see that they are facing this goal with the right path" started saying Tassano. "They are facing all the problems that our sport shows to help it grow and develop over all. In this world where the youth looks forward to other goals, to bring them to train any sport, and volleyball over all is a great challenge this new management must face and solve satisfactory".

This means trying to change today's path of the young people towards something so important as sport and in it, inviting them to participate at any volleyball stage to find from them all talented players and those that do not get the level, make them anyhow train and enjoy volleyball at any level. This is a great job for all coaches.

In Corrientes the goal is the same of many small volleyball provinces. Clubs that do not show their support for volleyball. "We have to work towards getting more volleyball palyers and more coaches and of course, more clubs". "In the year 200 we had 16 clubs and now only five or six in the whole province. We have to work hard towards getting clubs that understand that volleyball is a beautiful sport and that they can enjoy being part of it".