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All participants approved the course

Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 15, 2012 - With the certificates for all participants finished this Wednesday the International Coaches Course - Level II held by the FIVB Argentine Volleyball Regional Centre (CDRV) and the Argentine Volleyball Federation. At the closing ceremony were present the Argentine Volleyball Federation President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, the Director of the CDRV, Gabriel Salvia; the Director of the Course, Gustavo Meczyk and the Spanish lecturer, Aurelio Ureña Espa.

Prior to giving the certificates, Gutiérrez expressed his pride for the wide broadcasting of the course that took place August 3rd - 15th. "I congratulate the people in charge of the course and the participants for the high level shown at the same. For FeVA it is a great pride to have this Development Centre and therefore I congratulate also Gabriel Salvia, its director, for the level that shows each activity organized by the same”.

Gabriel Salvia also emphasized with pride the level of the course and congratulated Ureña and Meczyk for the boost generated over the participants that arrived to be part of the course from countries like Guatemala, Chile, Perú, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and of course, Argentina.

The Director of the course, Gustavo Meczyk thanked the CDRV and FeVA because “it allowed the people in charge of the course in thinking only in giving a higher level at the same, giving all the help and facilities for the success of the activity. He also mentioned that "he was very satisfied and happy for the friendship shown by all to obtain more knowledge sharing each what they knew until taking part of this event”.

Closing ceremony

As per Ureña Espa, FIVB instructor, the International Coaches Course - Level II gave him also pride as "it is the first in which he takes part for the FIVB”. The Spanish lecturer added: “I want to express my thankfulness for the great atmosphere enjoyed during these days. Everyone showe great interest in all what we trained and gave and therefore it has been an outstanding level course. I hope to be able to give in the future lots of FIVB courses but I do not believe I will find this level again".

Each of the 29 participants received their certificate and for the end were left the best qualifications: Martín Ariel López (3rd), Marcelo Gigante (2nd) and Pablo Javier Arean (1st), all of which received the recognition for their outstanding work.

Then, one of the participants of the course, Diego Ramírez, thanked in the name of all the coaches the people in charge of the course and mentioned some anecdotes of each of the working days prior to giving two plates to Meczyk and Ureña Espa.

The CDRV closed therefore another successful activity among its courses, seminars, clinics and other events going on with the great development plan looking forward to excellency and training. Very soon, information on new activities related to the International Referee Course and the Seminar for Middle players, among others, will be given by the CDRV.

(Photos - 2012 International Coaches Course - Level II)