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Santa Fe prized their athletes

Santa Fe, Argentina, September 5, 2012 - At one of the sessions of the Santa Fe City Hall Council, the Santa Fe volleyball athletes that represented Argentina at the Olympic Games were prized declaring also that their performance at the Olympics was declared of city interest.

The setter Luciano De Cecco, player of the Argentine Seniors' Indoor Men Team and Virginia Zonta, one of the two beach volleyball Argentine players were recognized by the City Hall Coucil. Their representation was prized with Luciano Del Cecco pointed out together with the whole indoor team, as the young and promising talented team showed great level. On the other side, Virginia was also prized for her qualification for the Games in Santa Fe city, in the exciting weekend playing against the best teams of Uruguay.

The President of the Council, Leonardo Simoniello, expressed: “You represent the pride of Santa Fe people, you have grown as athletes in our city and fulfilled the goals overcoming any difficulties that come across training any sport. You are examples for the youngers to follow. You are not only outstanding sport examples but as human beings. Your work, training and effort, without counting the final good results shows to our society your engagement and that you must be recognized and presented to our people for your behaviour, engagement on fulfilling a goal betting to your dreams. You won much before participating at the London Olympic Games so you deserve the best and to be recognized by all and each of”.

Photos:Santa Fe City Hall Council Press Dept.