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Graça stands with support from all over the World

Anheim, USA, September 13, 2012 - The FIVB World Congress is the Federation's supreme governing body and is held every two years. With President Jizhong Wei set to stand down after four years, the 33rd edition of the Congress will usher in a new era for the organisation with the fourth President set to be elected. The Congress that gathers all five Confederations and all 220 National Federations of the World will take place from September 19th - 21th with the last date activity headed towards naming the new president among three candidates. Voting will be done live at FIVB's website.

The new President will be the fourth since in 1947 and until 1984 the entity was headed by the French Paul Libaud, to be followed by the Mexican Ruben Acosta (1984-2008) and then with Acosta resignation Jizhong Wei taking over and always making it very clear that his designation would be only until this year's FIVB World Congress.

Anaheim will host the latest edition of the event at the Disneyland Hotel, right at the heart of the world-famous theme park.

“The FIVB hopes all the national federations can attend this historic congress,“ President Wei said. “For this reason, the FIVB and the host national federation USA Volleyball will do all that is necessary for the smooth participation of all our members."

The candidates for the FIVB President election (term 2012-2016) are the following:

Mr Doug Beal (USA). Mr Beal is an FIVB Board of Administration member and CEO of USA Volleyball.

Dr Ary Graça (Brazil). Dr Graça is an FIVB Executive Vice-President, President of the South America Volleyball Confederation and the President of the Brazil Volleyball Federation.

Mr Chris Schacht (Australia). Mr Schacht is the President of the Australia Volleyball Federation.

In order to guarantee fair and democratic elections an Advisory Election Committee has been introduced for the first time. Chaired by President Wei, it includes four of the five Continental Confederation Presidents plus FIVB Board member Dr Rafael Lloreda Currea in place of CSV President Dr Ary Graça, who is a presidential candidate. The Advisory Election Committee will appoint election scrutineers at the Congress.

“This will be the first democratic election in the history of the FIVB,” President Jizhong Wei said.