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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Alfredo Dagna (Olimpo President), Juan Antonio Gutiérrez (FeVA President) and Osvaldo Celia (National Teams Manager), signing the agreement

Bahia Blanca, Argentina, September 14, 2012 - This Friday afternoon, it took place in the city of Bahia Blanca, where the National grass-root team will play its local matches the official agreement between the Argentine Volleyball Federation and Club Olimpo from that venue reconfirming the participation of a National grass-root team, combining different age-groups at the Argentine A1 Seniors' Men Team. the long lasting project that wants to increase and improve all grass-root teams and therefore all Argentine Volleyball competitions was signed by Juan Antonio Gutierrez (FeVA) and Alfredo Dagna (Club Olimpo) and is the first step on a four year working period.

"For the Argentine Volleyball Federation it is a very important day, as it is for Club Olimpo, because it is a fulfilled goal for such great club to have chosen volleyball for its next development" expressed Gutierrez, for the Bahia Blanca main newspaper, La Nueva Provincia. "Bahia Blanca already proved to be capable of organizing great international events - friendly matches and last Youth's Boys World Championship - so we understood that it was the ideal venue to concentrate Argentine grass-root volleyball and that from there on have a participation at the A1 League that agrees with what we understand and our goal. We ask our community to support the team because we will also work to develop local players" he added.

The agreement includes national grass-root players, some strong and experienced reinforcements and talented Bahia Blanca players because the development does not head only to the National grass-root teams. "The idea is to carry a work that makes the local volleyball grow and on the long run, that it becomes a very strong volleyball venue" added Osvaldo Celia, the Manager of all Men and Boys' grass-root teams.

"We will work inside the FeVA with the Buenos Aires Province Volleyball Federation and the Bahia Blanca Volleyball Association, and it will also head towards development volleyball in our club with the idea of searching and train local volleyball players. FeVA will bring the best they have, including an outstanding coaching team. The day they arrive to the city they will start being named Olimpo, no doubt helped by the Federation" added Gutierrez.

"It is an historical chance we have. To work on training, on preparing more coaches, players, officials and to add the people needed for such a great project, that the Media support us broadcasting this activity and that Oimpo plays always with the stadium full of local fans and then will come the results and the success of our strong team facing other strong and very experienced Seniors' teams. Our goal this year is to be among the best 8 teams" finished saying the President.

With this agreement the engagement of the FeVA as participant at the Argentine Volleyball Teams League Association (ACLAV) takes a new step, after seven consecutive seasons with the Youth's playing at the A2 Seniors' upgrading league with great results that have to do with winning experience and improving their training for the youngest official national team.

Statements and photos: La Nueva Provincia