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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Unión Eléctrica, one of the teams that will host the second round in its venue

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 28, 2012 - With great success, the renewed Argentine A1 Women's League organized together by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and the Teams League association (ACLAV), finished the first qualifying regional phase and is ready to start the seecond roun, where the best teams of each region will face each other. Twenty one teams from all over the country, divided in six pools will play round robin - each against each other - respectively.

The refreshed most important tournament of the Argentina for Seniors' Women Teams started with regional competitions along the country with intensive ane excitement matches in each region where all fought to be part of the second round.

Now, with the best of each region, and after settling the pools and the fixture once every team reconfirmed its participation everything is ready for the fight to qualify for the definitive round.

On the deadline date, a meeting was held at FeVA HQ to supervise each registration and the player's forms to settle Pools and fixture (press here) making it official.

This instance comes after a hard and long work done all over the country to give a better level to the Women's League including teams that represent each region that now shows a very intensive national representation on the new format.

As per Celia Montaruli, FeVA 5th Vice-President and in charge of the Sport Organization, a vital area for this new league format expresses: “The hard work held in every corner of the country brought their results: José María Cuadrillero, Fabián Ramón, Jorge Torres, Daniel Reynoso Arce, Juan Galeote, Rodolfo Rezzoagli, Gabriel Garay, Daniel Tarando, José María Zurbriggen, Carlos Quinteros, Miguel Domínguez Soler, Carlos Becker, Osvaldo Celia, Sergio Milán, Fabián Muraco and Julián Alvarez bet on this project working each on their place and the officials support approving the formula in La Pampa at the Sport Organization meeting, where it finally obtained the shape, is outstanding. We also want to mention the work of Oscar Boccalandro, Norberto Arese, Sergio Tacchella and Paula Parisi, representing ACLAV in different parts of this project giving their utmost. We have to thank the work of each of the federations, the venues where the competition started and all the people that worked in each place to organize such an important competition that ends with the growth of the Argentine Women Volleyball".