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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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The mascot enjoying bench players in Chapadmalal

Chapadmalal, October 12, 2012 - Even though the Argentine Cups party s over in the resort city of Chapadmalal, still the movement it produces in the whole country goes on as main competition for grass-toot teams. The official mascot s already part of the compettion and it s time to give it a name.

The number of proposals sent to the Argentine Volleyball Federation Facebook is large so the Press Department is working hard to work on the name. With the 2012 competiton over, the chances remaned with three names. Now the final decision must be taken.

- Tino: meaning "Argentino", short form of a dog (Argentine dogo) that identifies the name wth the dog and our country.
- Volcán: It is really volcano but in this case is a combination of "volley-ball" and "Can" (dog).
- Clinchy: Related with volleyball - to clinch a ball fought at the net by two players.

To vote for the final name you have to get into the FeVA Facebook website. Everyone can vote (CLICK HERE), among the three final names through out a comment or a private message making very clear the chosen name.

Those that vote will be elected to receive an official volleyball uniform wore by the Argentine Natonal Teams once the election is over. Deadline is Thursday, October 18th.