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Staff of the working team of the first Volleyball All Festival

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15, 2012 - The first Volleyball All Festival in Argentina is voer and hundreds of children enjoyed two days of plenty of volleyball, entertainment, show in the resort city of Chapadmalal, where just a few days ago the three U 18, U 16 & U 14 Argentine Cups had taken place. The Lic. Gabriel Salvia, Director of the FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre emphasized the positive balance of this first edition in the country.

“I think it was the first step for the an activity that will be organized every year from now on. We started with this All Festival, with the date established by the FIVB for mini-volleyball events and the idea is to keep organizing it" expressed Salvia completing: "I am very happy because we fulfilled our expectations on this first edition".

During Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th, the children enjoyed two plenty dates on "summer days" at Buenos Aires resort city of Chapadmalal. "I liked a lot what happened outside just playing. It has been a great event with the children also enjoying the beach and in different places that do not have direct to do with playing volleyball but also having fun as this event it is not a competition but an entertainment activity. All what goes on around playing volleyball with children from different cities and provinces making friendship, many of them seeing the sea for the first time, is very important" he added.

Of course, once this edition has been over, the idea is to bet for more and Salvia expressed: "I would like more provinces represented in this kind of events. For the next edition we will start working much more ahead and try that the weekend of All Festival maintains their same dates every year so the goal is to bet to improve this experience and that many more children join the event".

He finished saying about Volleyball All Festival in the closing ceremony: First I want to thank all the staff that worked on this event, as they are those that made this possible. The team leeaded by Diego Ramirez from Mar del Plata and FeV people, always leaded by our General Manager, Rubén Safenreiter. Then, I also want to thank our Honorary President, Alejandro Bolgeri that made possible that this Development Centre stands in Argentina and that the FIVB trust us to give us such big responsibility".