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1982 Bronze Medal Team

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15, 2012 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation remembers today, with great pride, one of the historical Volleyball most important moments of our history. A group of unknown players at that time, became later on the Argentine 80' decade generation, in a bet to quality and great individual outstanding players that together obtained the Bronze Medal at the 1982 World Championship held during that year in our country.

Just to remember that four years before, in the year 1978 in Italy, Argentina finished standing in the 22nd place and only one championship later it jumped 19 places to step into an historical podium, just behind Russia and USA that won as incredible amazing teams the gold and silver medals.

Coached by a Korean Young Wan Sohn, that just passed away sometime ago, and with assistants as Enrique Martínez Granados and Julio Velasco, among other talented volleyball players, or even the same Doctor Juan Carlos Sosa, Argentina participated on October 15, 1982 of an incredible match for the Bronze Medal at the historical Luna Park Stadium playing v the classical South American rival, Brazil. And the victory came in the hands of a tie-breaker definition.

That result made history in Argentine Volleyball that changed from there on. Not only as volleyball result but making it one of the most popular sport of the country, training and enjoying it by thousands in our country. Since then, thanks to the work of many people and volleyball lovers Argentina Volleyball stands among the best teams of the World.

To say that at that moment started shinning talented players is to be short with their careers. Some statistics left figures that still today give a path to our today's volleyball. Then came the Bronze Medal at the Seoul Olympic Games 1988 and much more with some of those young players still making history today through out their names or their children.

Just to mention some data, from 1993 to 1999 and then until the year 2002 and from 2006 tto 2008 Argentine National Team coaches belonged to that historical generation of players. Daniel Castellani, Carlos Getzelevich and Jon Uriarte, respectively, put after a time Argentina again on the top group of countries where Volleyball is a very important sport. A Gold Medal at the 1995 Pan-American Games, the debut of the country at the 1996 FIVB World League, the fight for a new bronze at the Olympic Games in Sydney 200 and a terrific fight in quarter-finals at the 2002 Argentine World Championship are some of the facts that are part of Argentine reality. Then the best result at the FIB World League 2006, but these facts are only some.

There is much more. A modern National League - to mention some - that started in the season 1996/97, after the great result at the 1995 Pan-American Games, several coaches around the world making history. Daniel Castellani twice champion with Bolivar losing one final match, Waldo Kantor champion with Monteros de Tucuman and losing one with Bolivar and one with Formosa, Carlos Getzelevich as Club de Amigos coach winning also the gold, Jon Uriarte with Olympikus de Azul and losing one championship v Amigos and the list goes on.

Conte skies while Martínez, Castellani and Kantor follow the ball (Photo: Clarín)

To mention Hugo Conte as one of the best eight players of the FIVB World History is not to be fair. He played 6 finals at Argentine Championships with four teams and three titles and the upgrading from the A2 to the A2 with GEBA together with his son, Facundo and coached by Waldo Kantor.

But also, Gabriel Solari, one of the setters of that 1982 teams and the doctor with longer history with the team thereafter. Or Leonardo "Chiqui" Wiernes, another setter, and today working with talented promising grass-root players in San Juan and setter of this historical Obras as Argentine Champion.

The list goes on with Raul Quiroga, the best spiker of the world after the year 1982, participating of the Italian Modena as one of the best Italian teams and all his family as part of today's historical Argentine volleyball. His brother, Daniel “Nito”, also player of the light blue - white team, father of the captain of today's national team, Rodrigo; Gonzalo (captain of the Juniors'; Guadalupe and Tomás, still building their volleyball careers in Obras de San Juan, she with several concentrations and he as champion of the Argentine Cup that just finished.

Esteban Martínez only Argentine player for indoor and beach volleyball that represented the country at Olympic Games, today television broadcaster, libero of the Monteros team that played the final match in the season 2003/04 and one of the most complete players in our history.

And many others like Castellani, Conte, Martínez, Wiernes, Quiroga, Uriarte, that have today their children representing the country in different grass-root or seniors' showing that all their lives move on volleyball floors.

And other names that were part of that team, as "Buby" Wagenpfeild, Alcides Cuminetti (also still with volleyball in his family) or José Puccinelli. They were and are part of that generation.

Today, 30 years later, the medal stands at their hearts and the history keeps rolling with great efforts from those that obtained a prize that will never be forgotten but also of those that during all these years allowed Argentine volleyball to keep growing, full of dreams with over 2,500 grass-root athletes participating this season of the Argentine Cups for under 14 to under 18 years olds - both genders at the Argentine Cups, with over 28 thousand federated players all over the country and in each corner where a volleyball field is being built, with Argentine history among the best teams of the world both genders, and in all categories, Youth's, Juniors and Seniors and it goes on.

Talent, effort, ideas, results, passion, dreams and only a promising future, we go for more ....

The team - Bronze Medal World Championship in Argentina 1982: Carlos Getzelevich, Daniel Castellani, Esteban Martínez, Carlos Wagenpfeild, Gabriel Solari, José Puccinelli, Hugo Conte, Raúl Quiroga, Jon Uriarte, Alcides Cuminetti, Leonardo Wiernes, Waldo Kantor.