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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Launching of the U 14 Argentine Cup, one of the four events

Chapadmalal, Argentina, October 17, 2012 - During exactly three weeks, volleyball was the main and "only" event in the resort city of Chapadmalal, organized by the Argentine Volleyball Federation in four very important grass-root activities that included three Argentine Cups (U18, U 16 & U 14) and the Volleyball All Festival for the youngsters. About 3,000 young players of both genders, enjoyed days full of volleyball competitions and entertainment.

The Argentine Cups are the most important competition for all clubs in Argentina. It is a tournament that gathers the best teams of the whole country after each one participates qualifying at Regional Leagues. For this 2012 edition FeVA decided to improve its quality in different ways. One of the main ones was the quantity of teams participating of each grass-root category with 32 teams (before the maximum was 24 for each category and gender) so each region had the chance of sending their best four teams / clubs to represent it.

To boost the presence of all teams that qualify for one place at the different Cups and thinking on some teams that had to travel very long distances along the whole Argentina, FeVA signed a very important transportation agreement with El Rapido, allowing teams to reach much cheaper to Chapadmalal - also for the first time with the three cups being played at the same venue, one next to the other. Teams from Salta, Formosa, Jujuy and Tucuman from the north and Chubut, Neuquen and Rio Negro from the south arrived to Chapadmalal (located in the middle of the country in Buenos Aires province) for the first time to make the Argentine Cups really a country wide competition.

The mascot acting with children and adults during the events

Also, FeVA added fields, with seven located at Chapadmalal big Sport Centre and one in Miramar (about 10 kilometres), securing also the transport between both sites for all needed teams. Each field had one person in charge of it taking care of all needs and to complete the party the children enjoyed in the venue, FeVA was also supporting all organized entertainment activities.

For the first time, a new mascot, now totally related to the Argentine Cups enjoyed the children playing with and against them, an Argentine "Dogo" Can that never left a child without a smile. Now, through out Facebook its name is being voted, to give everyone the chance of participating somehow and adding one different activity to Argentine Volleyball.

So, everything was ready for each visiting delegation and its members in Chapadmalal so as to leave everyone happy with their volleyball activities. A total of 173 teams participated at the Cups, 54 for the U 18, 64 for the U 16 (a record historical figure for this category) and 55 for the U 14 totalling over 2,500 players. The 500 children participating of the Volleyball All Festival reach an outstanding figure of over 3,000 in all four activities along the three weeks. Thinking of about 28,000 federated volleyball players in the country these 3,000 is a very important participation on the main volleyball party.

To carry out these events, FeVA put 50 people working as its staff between people in charge of the fields, press, referees, hosting, transport, food, medical area, officials supervising all activities and entertainers for the Volleyball All Festival. Figures do not end, over 750 matches, parties for each category to grow their friendship over the competition, with 144 matches only at each gender of the U 16 category. Seventy referees to work in the matches and many more that supported as part of the staff to make a perfect organization enjoyed by everyone.

The youngest participating of Volleyball All Festival

To complete the data, along the three competitions the participating delegation were hosted at the same hotel inside Chapadmalal Tourist Complex, sharing food, meetings, knowing new people with the same volleyball love. Food halls full all the time, music and recreation, even time to be in the beach in this "summer" spring days. Everyone will always remember such activity that worked like a Swiss swatch. Twenty days were the main word heard was "Volleyball".

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