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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Gutierrez, Pulti, Graça and Taccone after the meeting

Mar del Plata, Argentina, July 19, 2013 - In his first day in Argentina to be part of the FIVB World League Finals 2013, the President of the International Volleyball Federation, Ary Graça was welcomed by General Pueyrredon Region Mayor, Gustavo Pulti at the Government headquarters, together with the President of the Argentine Volleyball federation, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, the President of the Ente Municipal de Deportes y Recreación Horacio Taccone and the Finals Local Organizing Committee member, Pablo Garcia.

In a relax chat and with deep sports policy contents, all participants talked about the importance of sport in today's society to give different live options to the youngers. They all also pointed out the boost of Volleyball. "Volleyball is the family sport. It integrates. It must reach all family. volleyball among women is 20 per cent more important than soccer in Brazil" assures FIVB President, Ary Graça.

Gustavo Pulti emphasized the importance of volleyball for the city and thanked the FIVB, its President and the Argentine officials for supporting the decision of escorting the City of Mar del Plata in future sport events. "Mar del Plata is open for new challenges. We feel we have approved this test and we have the vocation to go on with these kind of important international events".

Ary Graça went on expressing: "We need Argentina to make a stop. I say this as FIVB President. We have to make Volleyball grow in Argentina first, also at the women's level. You have very good schools. Children can play together; it is socially interesting. Volleyball is the sport we all need and that recreated a society feeling. Then, we have to make a program together". Pulti showed that he agreed with this thought and offered to keep talking about this subject.

Juan Antonio Gutierrez, FeVA President pointed out the engagement of his enterprise with FIVB's project. "We are completely identified with this project at World level". At the same time he emphasized that "if FeVA would not have had the support of the City Hall Mayor, with the active presence of Taccone and all his staff of the Organizing Committee, it would have been impossible to reach this event with such infrastructure. We are very thankful to all that made possible this great Volleyball party".

Talking about the development of Volleyball all over the World, Ary Graça went on developing his ideas. "We have to have a very strong Argentine Volleyball Federation. In the year 1982 here we had a World Championship that was very sucessful and then the work stopped. In the year 2002 we had again another World Championship, once more very successful and unhappily that work also did not go on. Now we are in peace, then we have to work very hard. It is proved that Argentines are very competitive. The Beach Volleyball Grand Slam of the World Tour held in Corrientes was a complete success, and that proves my words. This is part of a development project, we have to support those that work. This will develop all the region. Argentina is important politically and technically. Argentina must return to its utmost".