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Duel of scorers: Fresco v Tokatlioglu

Hong Kong, China, August 9, 2013 - Aside from the final result, the start of the second weekend of the FIVB Grand Prix for the Argentine Seniors' was also very positive. The light blue - white team in its debut in Pool I in the city of Hong Kong, maintained their rhythm against Turkey, Bronze Medal in the last edition of this competition. They were defeated after a great match 1-3 (17-25, 14-25, 36-34, 18-25). The top scorer was the Turkish Wing Spiker Seda Tokatlioglu with 22 rallies while Luccia Fresco, the best Argentine scorer got 17 rallies. This Saturday, at 4.45 Argentine time, they will face the demanding local team of China.

Turkey opened the game with a series of strong spikes and solid blocks, allowing them to take a 6-2 lead against Argentina. Argentina strived hard to fight back and managed to close the gap to 8-10. Argentina’s receive and defense errors deter the team from organizing various attack strategies. In addition, Turkey’s powerful attacks by #6 Polen Uslupehlivan and #7 Seda Tokatlioglu allowed Turkey to win the first set by 25-17.

Argentina came off strong in the beginning of the second set by deploying more quick attacks, which enhanced them to establish a three-point lead against Turkey. However, Turkey continued her strong attack and quickly caught up after the first technical timeout. Argentina lost their momentum and made unnecessary errors in attacking and receiving. Turkey took a comfortable lead and won the second set by 25-14.

Third set started close, with both teams showing their attack power. The see-saw situation continued after the first technical timeout. Both teams performed very well, demonstrating promising receives, powerful attacks and solid defense. Argentina took the lead at the second technical timeout by 16-15 and managed to extend the lead to 22-18. Turkey battled back and managed to tie the game at 24-24. The game proceeded with another see-saw situation and Argentina took the set by 36-34 after an attack error made by Turkey.

Turkey started the set strongly with powerful serves, forcing Argentina to call its timeout at 5-1. Turkey maintained the lead till the first technical timeout by 8-3. Turkey’s setter, Naz Aydemir, has demonstrated great organizational capability in controlling the momentum of the game. In addition, Argentina’s inconsistent performance in receiving was detrimental to the team’s defeat. Turkey sealed the last set by 25-18.

Press Conference:

Turkey coach Massimo Barbolini: “Congratulations to the Turkey team. It was a good match today. We have been improving our performance in the last season, even today. It was a tough match. Tomorrow, we have to keep improving because we will have a difficult match against a young, strong European team which is improving as well.”

Turkey captain Damel Neslihan: “Congratulations to Argentina. They played well too. We did great and had a good start. We need to think about the strategy for tomorrow’s match.”

Argentina coach Orduna Guillermo: “I agree with the Captain that we did very bad today. The team lacked concentration and made too many mistakes. The mistakes that we made led to our loss.”

Argentina captain Paula Yamila: “We did not play well today and were not concentrated. Congratulations to the Turkey team.

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