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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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The beach volleyball development centre in Mar del Plata will acquire a remarkable boost with a new agreement that has been signed, to give new lands to a Hockey Local Centre, on which three beach volleyball courts are going to be settled.

FeVA President Juan Antonio Gutiérrez attended the ceremony headed by General Pueyrredón Mayor Gustavo Pulti, Mar del Plata Sports President Horacio Taccone, Health Secretary Alejandro Ferro, Mar del Plata province deputy Rodolfo Iriart and Ferrobaires main authority Antonio Maltana.

Mayor Pulti stressed that "this is the final chapter of a huge work carried out together with Ferrobaires. And all of this became possible with the help of people like Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, FeVA President, who fought for a long time to put this abandoned lands into a good use, building sporting facilities".

The Mayor also added that "this lands are part of a major plan of recovering public spaces. Where there was an empty land on the port area, now we have a new district and a square; where there were some abandoned warehouses in Juan B. Justo avenue, now there's another new district; in 'la Canchita de los Bomberos', a place which was taken over illegally, now we are building -with the help of Buenos Aires Governor Mr. Scioli- an Art Museum; where there were a permanent threat of a ruined area in 'la Casa del Puente', now there's a new place for public access. Here, we have the pleasure of signing a new agreement that will transform these empty lands into new hockey and volleyball courts, on next March".

Ferrobaires representative Antonio Maltana said that "the opportunity of working together with local Governments, as we are doing here in General Pueyrredón, gives us a great joy, because all this lands have been abandoned for a long time and, with a relentless work of Mayor Pulti, now they can be used to create not a dumpster, but a place for sports, life and progress".

FeVA President Gutiérrez ensured that "it's an exciting day for us. On behalf of FeVA I want to deeply thank Mayor Pulti, deputy Iriart and Ferrobaires for this".

"We have been taking care of an entire area -next to where this hockey fields will be built- since 10 years, and now we have there a national volleyball development spot and also a local school, attended by nearly 600 youngsters which can freely practise the sport. This is a day I always dreamed of: to witness the transformation of this abandoned place into a sporting venue", Gutiérrez completed.

Source: General Pueyrredón Press Dept.