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Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, October 9, 2013 - After five days of very demanding days, this Tuesday finished in Comodoro Rivadavia the Volleyball Clinic "For Teachers" carried out by the FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre (CDRV) lecturer by the Cuban professor, Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rodriguez, who is also instructor for the Internaational Volleyball Federation (FIVB) with the participation of about 50 teachers.

This is the second "Teachers' Seminar" with the first one organized for the first time by the CDRV outside the country in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, also with a very positive balance for the South American region.

This Seminar was organized together by the Chubut Volleyball Federation (FeChuVol) and the FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre (CDRV) and supported by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and Comodoro Rivadavia City Hall.

Last Friday started the activities and after five days of very hard work with teorical and training classes, this Tuesday took place the last lecture and the closing ceremony with certificates handed out to all participants.

After the last lecture, professor Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rodriguez had very valuable words headed towards the participants: "We ar aware that this is a very important event for any Volleyball Federation in the World. I did not had the slighest idea I was coming to this city and carry out such an important clinic. I am a little bit used to carrying out courses but I was positive surprised by the quantity of participants and I am even more surprised when I realize the high level and the chances you have here to develop Volleyball. It is all in your hands".

FIVB instructor went on saying: "Comodoro Rivadavia and its surroundings have a very high potencial to become one of the Volleyball Development Venues of Argentina. You only have to put into practice the knowledge you have, not the ones you received just now, because I do not believe that in five days you can learn so much about volleyball to say you are a new coach. From now on you have to start a new project of reading about volleyball as much as you can. All what you do from now on will grow your qualifications to work with volleyball and that is the most important fact. I am amazing satisfied with all what you have done and obtained. I wish you a lot of luck and I hope God bless you all because I am blessed with the presence of all of you here".

The previous days:

Participants in Comodoro

This Tuesday will close the second stop of the Seminar for Teachers that takes place in Comodoro Rivada and that already closed its first stop last week in Montevideo, Uruguay. The activity is organized by the FIVB-FeVA Volleyball Regional Development Centre that is headed in Argentina by Lic. Gabriel Salvia and the lecture in charge is the Cuban professor Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rrodriguez, also instructor of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

The Seminar is carried out with the organization of the Chubut Volleyball Federation (FeChuVol) and the CDRV FIVB, supported by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and the Comodoro Rivadavia City Hall. The activity is free without any fees.

The activity meant working hard at the different venues, Club Huergo, YPF Sport Federation and Petroquimica.

At the opening ceremony were present Lic. Gabriel Salvia, CDRV Director and FeVA General Secretary; Othar Macharashvili, leader of Comodoro Deportes; Gustavo Rasgido, FeChuVol Presidentt and Lic. Argelio Pascual Hernández Rodríguez, FIVB Instructor.

At the time of closing the opening ceremony CDRV Director, Lic. Gabriel Salvia, explained what is the Ente Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo (ENARD). In this ceremony, apart from the Seminar participants were present officials of other sports.

The third and last Seminar of this event will take place in Neuquen.

Uruguayan participants

Closing in Uruguay

The FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Cnetre (CDRV) finished this last Tuesday its first ever Seminar - Course outside Argentina. In Montevideo, Uruguay, the Seminar for Teachers was in charge of Professor Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rodriguez with the participation of 53 teachers.

"The Centre is growing steadily in the region. This is our first activity outside the country fulfilling completely its main goal when it was created and when it received the responsibility of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) of building and creating the Development Centre: to multiply the knowledge of the whole continent. But we will not stop with this first goal: we will look forward to creating new Volleyball path, training, courses and seminars searching for new activities" finished saying CDRV Director, Lic. Gabriel Salvia.

Just one day after the closing of the Uruguayan Seminar that was supported by the Uruguayan Volleyball Federation that worked a lot to make this event become real, the staff moved to Comodoro Rivadavia to go on with the activity. In Uruguay the main officials of the FUV, helping in the organization of the seminar were its President Julio Perez Alfaro; its Vice-President, Guido Palleiro; Daniel Santos, Secretary and Gustavo Pereira, official of its Board of Administration.

Among the officials in Comodoro Rivadavia where the Seminars for Teachers will have its second event is CDRV Director, Salvia. In the Chubut city the seminar will start this Friday ending on Tuesday, October 8th with over 40 registered participants. The lecturer will be again Professor Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rodriguez, that fill finish its work in the third stop of this Seminar, October 11th - 15th in Neuquen province.