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UPCN was overcome by the host team

Betim, Brazil, October 19, 2013 - This time UPCN San Juan Voley was defeated by the host team of Sada Cruzeiro in one of the semi-final matches of the World Clubs Championship that takes place in Brazil Against the host team and in front of about 6,000 fans that cheered their team, UPCN was overcome 0-3 (25-22, 25-18, 20-25) and therefore this Sunday UPCN will fight for the bronze medal and a place at the Pódium facing Trentino Diatec, that on the other semi-final was overcome 2-3 by Lokomotiv from Russia. The match for the third place will take place at 12.00 noon while the final between the host team of Sada Cruzeiro and the Russian Team will be played at 15.00.

Even though both teams gave their utmost and Olteanu gave the lead on the first set for the San Juan team with two spikes, the home team with Wallace and Filipe equal the set 12-12 to get the first lead 13-12. Both teams were very concentrated and aggressive in the field with strong and quick spikes. The blocking of the Argentine team started failingand Yandi and Wallace closed the first set with a victory for their team.

On the second set, Cruzeiro started with a strong and heavy spiking on the sides and with a perfect setting of William. Gonzalez talented performance gave chances to Junior, Ramos, Theo and Olteaunu spikes but the home team never left the top of the score and due to a couple of non-forced errors, the host got a wider difference to put the series 2-0.

Cruzeiro kept serving, digging, blocking and spiking every time better with San Juan team not being able to stop them. Wallace was their best weapon and the lead from the start went on through out the whole set. Their victory meant a place at the final match while UPCN will try to obtain the Bronze Medal.

(Photos from UPCN)