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Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 21, 2013 - “Panteers to the World Championship” is one of the main titles of the most important Argentine Sports daily newspaper in the country, Diario Ole. "The Panthers obtained the qualification for the Italian Seniors' Women Championship 2014" titled La Voz del Interior. And as one of the most country daily newspaper, Clarin, "Panthers to the World Championship" are just some of the impacts on all Argentine Media of the qualification of the Argentine Seniors' Women to Italy World Championship 2014, the return of Argentine Women to this important FIVB competition after 12 years of absence.

"Expected party and surprise. The Panthers return to a World Championship after 12 years overcoming Peru at Cantoni Stadium, with the visiting team withdrawing from the field" lists the main San Juan newspaper. "And the Argentine Girls fulfilled with the real goal of the season" they added.

Here, the statements of the Panthers after the great victory:

Tatiana Rizzo: "I experienced the disappointment of the year 2009 when we were left outside from the World Championship losing v Peru, therefore to obtain this qualification means a lot for us. I feel very happy".

Guillermo Orduna: "We obtain the qualification because we have been working very hard since March to obtain it, with consciousness and dedication. I am very proud to coach this team".

Yael Castiglione: "We have worked since the first date to obtain the qualification for the World Championship and we fulfil it through out our dedication and been focused to obtain what we all wished".

Emilce Sosa: "Since I was a child I dream on participating at a World Championship for Argentina and we just obtained it. I am living a dream".

Lucia Fresco: "We obtain it, we are already part of the next World Championship. We played a great match and showed the difference. We had a very clear goal when we started training this season".

Yamila Nizetich: "I can not believe it. We expected this since March when we started training. We wanted to reach this qualification and we arrive to this point with lots of hard work, effort and with a group of players that every day is stronger. We are very happy".