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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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The delegates of the Centre Carmelo Pittera and the CDRV working together

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 28, 2013 -During the following month the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), through out its FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre (CDRV), signed a "Framework Agreement" with the Study Centre Carmelo Pittera. The goal: to put into practice the professional services of the Centre to provide training for the development of the children motor skills headed towards mini volleyball, through out courses in different provinces and city halls of the country.

Carmelo Pittera, writer of several books after his investigation in motor skills, is an expert without any questioning on what he is doing and his help with the FeVA is an unique chance for Argentine Volleyball. The Italian gentleman developed a system called SELI, that develops the motor skills in general for all human beings and works also over the person genetic background.

Through out starting some precise movements in different biomechanical positions a lot of help can be offered putting special emphasis in the development of attention, reading, building of analogies, helping also, with great direct transfer, to the different curriculum areas of teaching. It obtains a new and unquestionable strong pedagogical tool, that through out playing fights against overweight and physical inactivity, helping socializing and the love for movement.

The first move of the agreement consists of inviting professors to train teachers through out all Argentina and for that reason, a course will take place November 28th - December 1st at Cenard facilities in the city of Buenos Aires. The coexistence, discussion and study with Carmelo Pittera and a working team will help for the future program of training 2014 that will be proposed and held in each Argentine province.