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Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2, 2013 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and the FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre (CDRV) have the pleasure to invite all journalists to the Press Conference that will introduce the Training System Method S.E.L.L. developed by the Italian Professor Carmelo Pittera, an expertize with over 50 years investigating motor development, in Argentina.

The meeting will take place next Thursday, December 5th at the VIP Hall of the National Sport Secretariat Offices at Cenard facilities starting at 10.00.

At the meeting will be present national, province and sport authorities; Professor Carmelo Pittera and the staff in charge of organizing and the coaches and teachers that will receive this important training that heads towards children motor development, targeted to Mini-Volleyball.

Professor Pittera will also present a book dedicated to the S.E.L.L. System (Signalling, Executing, DVD, Lateralization) of recent edition.

To the preface of the Book written by Professor Pittera it is added:

"Fifty years I started this path that I go through with the hope, accompanied by the children and the youth's"

"The guide for me to follow was the work of the teachers Piagget, Pestalozzi, among others, that allowed us, the adults, to understand the needs of the children in every and each of their evolution path".

"Today it is clear that the cultural influence at moving and its consequences in health is desintegrating slowly several moving capacities that are critical heritage of the human beings"

"Physical inactivity, obesity and isolation are undeniable and growing problems in childhood and adolescence, that are very difficult to reverse in the future for those who suffer it".

"The goal of this book is to enrich the sight of the education staff over the development in childhood body language, proposing the incorporation of the investigating results of neuroscience".

"The S.E.L.L. system based primarily on social interaction and play as teaching tools, seeks to collaborate with the goal that each child fully available expressive, motor, social and cognitive skills in order to live with his / her capabilities as pleasant, creative and constructive in its social context".

Carmelo Pittera
Humberto Boemo
Mario Enrique Edelstein
Juan Carlos Enseñat
Paul Edelstein
Gabriel Salvia
Jesica Bandi
José María Cuadrillero

Professors that will receive the course to articulate the system in all Argentine provinces:
1) Enrique Mendez Paz (Cordoba)
2) Rodolfo Quiros (Santa Fe)
3) José Maria Hiruela (Jujuy)
4) Hugo Jáuregui (Capital City - Chile)
5) Alfredo Santori (Rosario)
6) Ariel Garcia (Rosario)
7) Abel Cabrera (Neuquen)
8) José Pavletic (Neuquen)
9) Victor Garcia (La Rioja)
10) Jose Fotia (Buenos Aires Prov.)
11) Ariel Rasgido (Chubut)
12) Orlando Samuels (Cuba)
13) Luis Testa (Mendoza)
14) Patricio Ponce (Chile)
15) Gabriela Gerard (Buenos Aires city)
16) Silvia Musante (Buenos Aires city)
17) Horacio Gomez (Capital Federal)
18) Jorge Bird (Buenos Aires city)
19) Eduardo Jofre (Buenos Aires city)
20) Daniel Wenk (Buenos Aires city)
21) Raul Gomez (Buenos Aires city)
22) Liliana Polattini (Misiones)
23) Enrique Viola (Río Negro)
24) Gabriela Iglesias (Santa Cruz)
25) Horacio Basso (Buenos Aires Prov.)