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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 5, 2013 - This Thursday morning took place a Press Conference to launch officially the System Method S.E.L.L. created by the Italian Professor Carmelo Pittera at the VIP Hall of the National Sport Secretary at Cenard facilities with the presence of authorities of the mentioned Secretary; the Director of the FIVB-FeVA Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre (CDRV), Gabriel Salvia; Professor Juan Carlos Enseñat (S.E.L.L. Supervisor); Professor Enrique Edelstein (General Coordinator of S.E.L.L.) representing Sholem/Pittera Study Center and Jose Maria Cuadrillero, FeVA Under Treasurer representing FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

The Training System Method S.E.L.L. developed by Pittera, an expertize with over 50 years investigating motor development, targeted to Mini-Volleyball is named S.E.L.L. System to introduce Signalling, Executing, DVD, Lateralization) first to coaches and then through out them, around the country to all volleyball grass-root athletes. The S.E.L.L. system based primarily on social interaction and play as teaching tools, seeks to collaborate with the goal that each child fully available expressive, motor, social and cognitive skills in order to live with his / her capabilities as pleasant, creative and constructive in its social context.

Today's first working date started with training professors that will put the system under way in the whole country of Argentina and neighbourhood countries.

“It is with great pride that I represent FeVA at this important moment, sorrounded by so many professors that have a rich history in our volleyball activities. This initiative started nearly a year ago with "Quique" Edelstein and we have gone through a great path that makes us very happy" confirmed Jose Maria Cuadrillero.

Then, Juan Carlos Enseñat showed "with hope and very motivated that he wanted to return a debt with all the knowledge he obtained through out many years working with volleyball". On the side of Gabriel Salvia he pointed out the human side making reference that "many years ago we used to read Pittera and his person seemed very far from us... Now to have him among us is pride and we realize the important moment we are enjoying". The CDRV bets to training an this method heads towards that goal".

Edelstein expressed his joy for "the welcome received by the FeVA and the CDRV and the answer of the different volleyball clubs to take this important program and understand its goodness for the development of all human being capabilities. We have set a luxury staff team with the best trainers".

Pittera, very excited finished saying: "It is very strong what I feel now. I have a special feeling for Argentina since the year 1984, when I made my first tour here with my first knowledge. I thank the FeVA, the CDRV and all those that very warmly welcomed me. We have decided to publish this book in Argentina because we understand that here it is the ideal venue for these new ideas that are the result of long and hard investigations".

After the official launching started the first training day with the professors that will be working for three consecutive hard days to take this new knowledge around the whole country. Also we have advanced a lot with the interactive material designed by Humberto Boemo, Italian expertise in design and volleyball coach.

The system S.E.L.L. is already a reality in Argentina with the boost of FeVA, CDRV and over 30 professors eager for new knowledge.

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