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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 26, 2013 - Argentine Volleyball Federation President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez talked this Thursday about the decision of not following with the work of Javier Weber as Head Coach of the Argentine Seniors' Men Team during the international 2014 season. "It was a very hard moment, very painful but as President of the FeVA I have to maintain the balance of the institution and listen what goes on all over the country. There were very strong ideas of going on with the successful work of Weber but at the same time some Federations presented their questioning that, in a plural and democratic management, have to be heard. That is what we did and as Javier (Weber) had requested in these last meetings the strong support to go on working, I understood that it was the right moment to make this hard decision, but necessary, facing the facts we had facing us" expressed Gutierrez.

"Since the end of the FIVB World League 2013 we have talked a lot with Javier and I always supported his continuity very firmly, including when himself gave his resignation to the FeVA in a very great generosity and greatness gesture. But it is also true that to keep up with a working long lasting project it is necessary a lot of consensus to carry out very strong decision and I understood that it was the moment when Javier (Weber) did not have the necessary support he needed to do his job" went on saying the President.

Also, Gutierrez mentioned that he was the first person to talk with the coach to inform him of the final decision. "I called him, we talked a lot and I faced the reality honestly. Many things that are not true are being said. I understand that people that do not have the right knowledge of the facts say a lot of things. I did not give up with any pressure, nothing was fixed or arrange beforehand. I just did what I understood was necessary for the goodness of Argentine Volleyball. That is my work as President" he emphasized.

This Wednesday Gutierrez and Weber talked on the phone from Argentina to Russia. "We clear many things and Javier offered himself to keep Argentine Volleyball grow, something he has been doing since he took over the coaching of the team. To put us among the best ten teams of the FIVB World ranking, to obtain incredible ecstatically performances at the FIVB World League and recover our place at the Olympic Games is not to force a positive analysis, it is as simple as to describe our reality and the job of the coaching staff headed by Javier Weber. I am convinced that Javier (Weber) must keep himself near the FeVA due to his value, his experience and knowledge" pointed out Gutierrez.

With reference to the financial engagements of the FeVA with the coach, the President Gutierrez also secured: "We will fulfil all our engagements as we talked with him. That was always our spirit. We are not only very responsible people but also very thankful and with all the necessary effort we will fulfil our agreements".

With reference to the future, Gutierrez did not give any names yet. "We will study some concrete chances. There are outstanding Argentine coaches working all over the World. No one of the FeVA had any talks because the only authorized person to do it is the President. We want the best for our National Team and for the Volleyball movement in the country and I am sure that each one will have its preferences but we will take a responsible decision after the needed time to reach the right decision according to all our needs".