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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Coronel Suarez, January 11, 2013 - This Saturday started the first (already four stops programmed) of the "Development U 18 Beach Volleyball Circuit" with great success for both genders, organized by the City Hall Sport Secretariat together with the South East Volleyball Association and the Argentine Volleyball Federation.

Early morning took place first the official Press Conference launching this competition at the same field of Blanco and Negro Center, one of the playing venues. At the same were all the city authorities, members of the AVSO and FeVA officials.

At about 10.00 the competition started at both venues, Deportivo Sarmiento and Centro Blanco y Negro. As part of the Argentine Beach Volleyball project travelled the three time Olympic and World Champion, Mariano Baracetti; the Beach Volleybal Manager, Andres Soriano; the Beach Volleyball Director, Miguel Mendez and one of the delegates of the National Secretariat, Jose Maria Cuadrillero.

Twelve teams of each gender completed the competition Rosters. Teams from all over the country came to participate of this important event being represented by athletes from Buenos Aires (city and province), La Pampa, Chubut, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Entre Ríos.

The final matches will take place at the City Hall Resort “Samuel Davies” this Sunday with prizes and the closing ceremony taking place at the end of the day.



Lucas Fernández-Santiago Gazaba (Buenos Aires Province)
Agustín Leiria-Juan Pablo Thomas (Buenos Aires Province)
Ivo Belfiore-Nicolás Medina (Buenos Aires Province)
Juan Cruz Amieva-Joaquin Cramero (Mendoza)
Fabricio Leonel Molina-Lautaro Adriel Piotti (Cordoba)
Santiago Caceres-Joaquín Castillo (Entre Rios)
Fernández-Ojeda (Metropolitana - Buenos Aires city)
Joaquín Bazan-Nahuel Gilt Rodriguez (Metropolitana - Buenos Aires city)
Marco Soncini-Franco Vicente (La Pampa)
Renzo Ardissino- Marcos Romero (Chubut)
Juan Holzmann-Nicolas Schenfeldt (Buenos Aires Province)
Damián Arana-Santiago Bros (Buenos Aires Province)


Florencia Graf-Agustina Kloss Picone (Buenos Aires Prov.)
Michele Di Cesare-Loreto Sancer (Mendoza)
RocÍo Agustina Dengl-Melani Jimena Pereyra (Cordoba)
Virginia Beresaltain-Beguiristain Díaz Nelly (Santa Fe)
Bárbara Frangela-Sabrina Terragni (Santa Fe)
Brenda Churin-Milena Churin (Metropolitana - Bs. As. city)
Rocio Fortuny-Camila Shedden (Metropolitana - Bs. As. city)
Morena Andriew-Veronica Cataldi (Metropolitana - Bs. As. city)
Micaela Sappa-Stefani Zarate (La Pampa)
Milagros Carnevalli-Iara Cuyeu (Buenos Aires city)
Carrijaco-Echevarria (Buenos Aires city)
Gomez-Piagetti (La Pampa)

More information at: http://www.sudoestevoleibol.com.ar