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The Argentine pairs at the Gold place in Chile's Podium

Viña del Mar, Chile, February 9, 2014 - A huge historical hint for Argentine Beach Volleyball happened this Sunday in Chile. At the last day of the second stop of the South American Beach Volleyball Tour in Viña del Mar, both gender Argentine pairs won the Gold Medals stepping onto the top of the Podium.

In their first presentation during this last day, Gallay-Klug showed its utmost at their semi-final match overcoming by a double 21-12 the best Uruguayan pair, Lucia Guigou-Eugenia Nieto. On the other semi-final, the Brazilian Thais-Fabiola defeated Agudo-Brito from Venezuela to give the final match the "classical" South American excitement of an Argentine-Brazilian match.

On the side of the men's competition, the semi-finals were more fought. Mehamed-Azaad in a very equal match finished winning against also an Uruguayan pair, Renzo Cairus-Nicolas Zanotta 2-0 (22-20, 21-19) while the favourite local pair of the Chilean cousins showed a dazzling semi-final match defeating Brazil (Allyson-Gustavo) 18-16 in tie-break definition.

Both final matches were played with lots of emotion to tie-break. First, Gallay-Klug got the lead over the Brazilian Thais-Fabiola winning the first set but Brazil reacted to win the second. In the third and definitive set, Argentina showed no doubt winning the Gold Medal 2-1 (21-18, 14-21, 15-7).

to close an historical date for Argentine Volleyball, Mehamed-Azaad defeated the host team the talented Grimalt cousins. The Argentine pair won the second stop of the Argentine National Beach Volleyball Tour in Cerrito and in the year 2013, in the same field in Viña del Mar won the Silver Medal but this time a very fought 2-1 put them on the top of the Podium.

Photo: Twitter