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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Facundo Leal, Jose Benini, Pablo Pereira, Eduardo Allona, Alcides Marques, Juan Manuel Barrial, Mario Gallego, Gustavo Castillo and Diego Soler

Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 21, 2014 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation feels proud of having hosted the official launching of the Argentine Volleyball Coaches and Employees Association (AETVA) with the participation of the authorities member of the new Association, FeVA officials, coaches, trainers and the presence of Alcides Marquez, who received a recognition as an honorary member of an outstanding initiative of the newly created entity.

Eduardo Allona, Coach of the Argentine Women's A1 League, Boca, South American Bronze Medal and President of A.E.T.V.A. expressed their goals: "We aim to gather all the country's coaches and put on the table the problems that each one of us has, to listen to them, to make a survey and gather to see how we can solve our problems. We want to be part of all Volleyball Boards of Administration, including all Federations and Associations.

Juan Manuel Barrial will be one of the members of the entity Board of Administration. The coach of Sarmiento Santana Textiles at the Argentine ACLAV Men's A1 League is one of the Vice-Presidents together with the coach of San Lorenzo, Mario Gallego. "We will try, from our places and very slowly winning, helping the growth of volleyball. It is very important that this goal reflects itself not only in Buenos Aires city and surrounding areas; the success of the Association is given by the chance of reaching the places that need it most and that have the fewest chances of access to things we believe are at our hands without any effort. We want to thank the FeVA for this place, it is very important that from our start they open their doors to us" he added.

For the Argentine Volleyball Federation were at the meeting Fabian Ramon (Under-Secretary) and Jose Maria Cuadrillero (Under-Treasurer). Also at the meeting were present Jose Benini, Allona's Assistant Coach (Boca) that will be the Secretary of the new Association. Benini was one of the people that boosted this proposal that today became a reality.

A.E.T.V.A. gave Alcides Marques a deserved recognition to his career naming him also honorary member being 90 years old.

At the present moment, those coaches that want to be part of the Association can request their membership through out the Facebook Group "A.E.T.V.A". In the near future, there will be a website where each affiliated member will be able to have access to the information related to courses, training and symposiums, and also discounts for their registration to the same as members of the Association.

AETVA Authorities:

President: Eduardo Allona (Boca Juniors)

1st Vice-President: Juan Manuel Barrial (Sarmiento de Resistencia)

2nd Vice-President: Mario Gallego (San Lorenzo de Almagro)

Secretary: Jose Benini (Boca Juniors)

Treasurer: Guillermo Nazabal (Velez Sarsfield)

Under-Treasurer: Eduardo Jofre (Centro Galicia)

Under-Secretary: Gustavo Castillo (Club Italiano)

Members: Pablo Del Grecco, Pablo Pereira, Diego Soler, Facundo Leal, Marcelo Silva, Julio Gimenez, Javier Tadey, Rodolfo Pauluzzi, Daniel Maletta, Hector Gallardo, Martin Vera, Mauricio Lozano, Mariano Zapata, Natalia Magnano, Enrique Mendez Paz, German Tubio, Camilo Soto, Luis Testa, Marcos Blanco, Martín Lopez and Julio Pintos.