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Argentina overcame all Pool D rivals

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 30, 2014 - This weekend the Argentine Seniors' Men Team coached for the first time by Julio Velasco closed a new participation at the FIVB World League, the premier annual competition for National Men's Teams of the World organized by the International Volleyball Federation. Velasco, as new coach showed immediately the growth of the team that thinks on the most important international season's engagement, the World Championship that starts end of August in Poland.

Argentina reached the last match of its Pool D, with chances of qualifying for the Final Four in Sydney, Australia before being overcome by France in Paris 1-3. In a year with a renewed formula for this competition (with 28 teams divided in 6 pools by level) Argentina was very near of participating at the second level of the competition that qualifies the winner for the Final Round of the event, that will take place this year in Firenze, Italy.

Anyhow, Argentina showed a great level with good performance and growth and improvement along the competition finishing the Intercontinental Round as best second runner-up of all 6 pools with only Pool A - Italy or Iran with chances of levelling the 25 points obtained by the light blue - white team. Even more, Argentina can finish better and on top of the top teams of the other Pools of the same level (Pools C to E).

Argentina finished Pool D with 25 points with a record of win-loss 8-4, with seven victories obtained consecutively. Only during the 2011 edition, also with 25 points Argentina obtained nine victories. That year, adding the Final Round matches in Poland, Argentina ended with 11 victories.

This year, Argentina improved its balance of the years 2007 and 2009, with seven victories each. The light blue - white team also defeated all three rivals, Japan (4-0), Germany (3-1) and France (1-3) something not obtained since that outstanding performance in the year 2011 over Serbia, Portugal and Finland.

Outside the good results, the FIVB World League 2014 was useful as official testing proof for the team as the coach expressed during the whole Intercontinental Round, to the point that of the 22 players on the official FIVB World League 2014 Roster, Velasco tried on different weekends 20 in a continuous change of names. Only the libero Franco Massimino and the Junior Wing Spiker Luciano Zornetta did not participate of any match.

All these players' movement headed by the continuous work of the support team at Cenard facilities, heads towards widening the players of all Argentine teams, not only for the present season but thinking on the long run, in a great future.

The Argentine Seniors' and the coaching staff will return to Argentina on Tuesday about 7.00 from Paris, via Frankfurt.