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Verasio- Hiruela, Argentine beach pair for Nanjing

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 22, 2014 - With only over 20 days to go, Argentina is getting ready for the Youth's Nanjing Olympic Games 2014 in its second edition and among the important Argentine delegation that will represent the country, the dream of the beach volleyball pairs of four young players can be felt while the train hard. The women's Camila Hiruela and Irene Verasio feel emotion and excitement as main characteristic.

The history of this two girls in beach volleyball started mid 2013, in a concentration that identified as main goal, talented beach volleyball players held in Chapadmalal, Buenos Aires province. As they recognize even today, today's reality with Nanjing was not even a dream. "When we started training never we could even imagine in our dreams how near an Olympic Game was for us. Everything turn out well and very soon" starts mentioning Hiruela.

"They are huge goals. The coaching team mentioned them from the start and we thought we were very far from them" added Verasio completing: "We liked a lot the chance that allowed us to try ourselves and I think we made good use of it. We still do not believe that we finished winning that Venezuelan Beach Volleyball Tour stop last April and of course, the Olympic Games are more than just a dream, we can hardly believe we will be part of the Argentine delegation. This is something any athlete thinks it can happen on the long run".

Since they became a pair, everything was learning and growing for them. The Argentine Beach Volleyball Tour this season with a very important path all over the country that lasted till last May long after the end of the summer season helped them to develop themselves. "We took part of some of the Argentine Tour stops and that added a lot to our experience and knowledge about beach volleyball, we learnt to deal with the wind, rain, heat. All new things for us" explains Verasio.

"Really every time we compete we improve our game. Since our first South American Tour stop to the last we made a huge improvement. We were very far from the Paraguayan pair that is very good and from Brazil but every time our level improved and we are very near their output now" adds Hiruela from Jujuy.

On their preparation they won the Gold Medal in Venezuela

Part of their everyday learning is the human being part. "After every competition we feel we play better together. In the field we understand each other every time better and we help each other when things do not come out as they should. We feel we improve our relationship every day" while Verasio, from Rosario adds: "We had lots of fights, but luckily in the field because outside we learnt to understand each other we do the same. We overcame some differences and we still need to grow".

Now comes the Olympic Games and the girls stand on their best International level, experience they still have a lot to learn and discover. With reference to them Hiruela says: "We are feeling very well but we still can not compare ourselves with the other teams. We try to train very hard and a lot and we try to learn from Brazil's seniors teams".

Prior to the Youth's Olympic Games, the girls will travel to Portugal with the men's Aulisi-Aveiro team and the coaches Mariano Baracetti (World Champion) and Pablo Bernardi, to participate at the U 19 World Championship as part of their preparation. "At the World Championship we will get to know better other pairs, some of which we could be facing at Nanjing competition" adds Verasio. "After that competition we travel directly to Hong Kong to join all Argentine Athletes Delegation, concentrate there and afterwards travel to Nanjing".

That is their destiny now, Nanjing is every day nearer and even though they do not believe it the goals of that competition are here. "We will gain a great experience, try to enjoy it as much as possible and if we can, to be happy with our results and what comes in our future" bets Verasio. "Obviously, we will do our utmost in each ball even though we know we will face pairs that stand better than we do but we will try to win and we want to leave Argentina as high as possible" finishes saying Hiruela.