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Aulisi-Aveiro jump from the Argentine Tour to the Youth's Olympic Games in Nanjing

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 28, 2014 - As the Argentine Youth's Beach Volleyball girls Hiruela-Verasio, that qualified for the Youth's Olympic Games Santiago Aulisi (Mar del Plata) and Leandro Aveiro (Mendoza) two very young talented beach volleyball players that have been playing since very young are just a couple of weeks of representing Argentina in the highest international World Competition.

Previously, they will also participate of the U 19 Beach Volleyball Championship in Portugal as the Argentine girls. Aulisi expresses: "We are very anxious, dreaming on leaving Argentina as high as possible at the Olympic Games". "We are aware of the importance of representing our country, even though some times we do not believe it is true" adds Aveiro.

On their training, they made good use of the Argentine Tour 2014 winning experience and improving their game to develop themselves for the South American Tour. "Before the first stop in Santa Fe we gathered in Tunuyan, Mendoza to train hard. The Argentine Tour was our best tool to keep improving our game" explains Aulisi.

From Mendoza, his playing mate Aveiro agrees: "The long Argentine Tour kept us in rhythm all the season and helped us to face the South American stops better and therefore we qualified for the Olympic Games". Both players point out that "Thanks to the National tour we got to know beautiful places, made great friends and beautiful people".

In Las Grutas, Rio Negro they won the >Podium

The friendship between them, was clue not only on the way they play but on enjoying each moment together. Both players met for the first time in Rosario 2011. "Luckily we were good friends from long before starting to play together and that helped a lot in the field. We carry along very good, we have a similar way of thinking, we enjoy each other when we are at any site and that is good because we spend together a lot of time and we know to understand each other without saying a single word" pointed out Aveiro.

As per Aulisi, the partnership is more a "brotherhood" and they are a good pair to play together. "Each one of us knows exactly what to do when playing, I dig and defend more and Leo blocks. We supplement each other very good in the field and even though we still have a long way to learn we have a great tool, each one is confident on the other's output and performance" he adds.

Now they will face a premier moment in their short beach volleyball career and excitement is seen in both players. "Since I wa sa child I always dreamt on participating at an Olympic Games and I keep thinking on that on each of our training" expressed Aveiro. "Just to step the sand makes me very happy and to be able to represent my country in beach volleyball makes me feel great" adds Aulisi.

Even though both express that this event will be very important by itself, it is not enough for them. Aveiro bets: "The greatest part of this dream is the Gold Medal in our chest. Therefore, we will keep training and doing our utmost to obtain it". Aulisi closes the interview with the following sentence: "If you can dream on it, you can achieve it".