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CSV President, Rafael Lloreda headed the meeting together with Marco Tullio Teixeira

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 1, 2014 - With the presence of the President of the South American Volleyball Confederation, Rafael Lloreda took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro the second anNual meeting of the Beach Volleyball Council. At the meeting were also the Vice-President Marco Tullio Teixera and the Members, Jorge Cobos, Juan Gutierrez, Jorge Pino Madrid, Julio Perez and the CS Manager, Mauricio Levy.

Among all the subjects discussed the main ones were the Ruling for the Continental Cup, that qualifies the South American Teams for the Rio Olympic Games 2016, the calendar for the new season of the South American Tour and the proposal of a new Beach Volleyball Handbook.

“We are celebrated the longest history CSV calendar with 9 stops in the season that just finished (2014) and we will keep working hard to keep the development and adjust the formula of the requirements to the ones requested by the International Volleyball Federation. We will create Brand Logos for all the competitions, regulate a unique advertisement poster to improve the broadcasting of the events and we will keep also improving the live broadcast by television and via website of all our events”, expressed CSV President Lloreda, who also pointed out the importance that Voleysur TV has all the requirements to be able to broadcast live by internet all the stops.

The next Continental Cup will be divided in three phases with the first one taking place October 1st - December 31st, 2014, the second during the year 2015 and the third and final one in the year 2016. In the first phase the countries will be divided according to their geographical location with the teams playing Round Robin - all against all - in their groups. The council also discussed the requirements and responsibilities that countries will face to be named venues. The CSV already this month starts receiving the registration of the countries interested in holding one Continental Cup stop. For the seasons 2014/15 that will start August 1st, 2014 and end July 31st, 2015 registrations deadline will be August 30, 2014.

“We carry out a very detail job to establish ruling for the Tours with the goal to allow the CSV to indicate through out its ranking, the South American countries and athletes that will represent the Continent at international competitions. To create a Beach Volleyball Handbook that establishes the ruling of competition according to the competing participants is a very important matter” finished saying Lloreda.