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Castiglione scored 10 points for Las Panteras

Leuven, Belgium, August 2, 2014 - In a match with high parity, the Argentine Seniors' Las Panteras added one point at Pool L of the World Grand Prix second weekend of the Intercontinental Round in a match that ended 2-3 (25-23, 25-22, 24-26, 22-25, 13-15) at Sportoase Stadium. there, Argentina will close the European weekend v the host team of Belgium at 13.10 Argentine time, with one more historical weekend to go in Argentina, Lomas de Zamora state-of-the-arts new Stadium.

Equilibrate during the whole match with two teams fighting for every point, but also making a lot of individual errors. In the third set the Argentineans missed the occasion to finish the game at 2-0 and 23-20. Several errors gave the Canadians the occasion to come back. In the tiebreak Pavan scored twice after 13-13 and she was responsible for a real Canadian party on the court.

In the first set Canada took a small advantage with attacks and serves of Richey (3-6), but Fresco brought her team back (6-6). What followed was a mix of defaults and blocks on both sides (17-17). After 22-22 a better Australian block and Richey gave their team the decisive points to win the first set.

Same scenario in the second set with Page versus Fresco (10-10), faults on both sides (13-13), good serves and attacks of Castiglione, points through the middle of Pavan (19-19), a little advantage due to the attacks of Busquets and Fernandez (23-20), enough for Fresco to conclude also the second set in the advantage of Argentina.

Again a close third set with a little gap for the South-American players due to a better block (12-9), but the Canadians came back with the serve of Lundquist and attack of Pavan (13-12, 18-16) and even 23-23 when the Argentinean girls taught already on a clear victory. But they made too many faults themselves, so that Marcelle had even to save one set point. Not enough, because Charuk knocked her team to the first Canadian win.

The Argentinean girls were impressed by that unexpected loss and they failed in reception, giving the Canadians an easy way to 5-11. The equilibrate in sets looked complete when Marcelle and Page (ace and attacks) brought a 9-16 score. But this time the South-Americans awaked again just in time to come back to 18-19 with attacking points of Fresco. But again Argentinean errors on the crucial moments and Page turned the page into a tie-breaker.

And even in that tiebreak equilibrate: 9-9, 13-13 with Fresco on one side against Richey on the other side. But then it was Pavan-time and with two points she wrote the first victory of Canada in the World Grand Prix in the history books.

Press Conference:

Lucille Charuk: “We can fight”

There was a little party with the Canadian team on the floor of the Sportoase in Leuven after their first victory in a World Grand Prix Tournament. Lucille Charuk came in during the third set and she was helpful by the come-back of her team. “I was ready to come in and we are a group of players who can fight for each point. Even if the situation looked dark, as it was by 0-2 and 20-23 down. We took confidence after winning the third set and we put the pressure on Argentina.”

Paula Nizetich: “We gave it away”

Complete disappointment by the Argentinean delegation. “We gave it away,” said Captain Paula Nizetich. “On the crucial moments of the third set we made too many mistakes. Lack of concentration? I don’t know. Both teams could have won this game, because there was not so much difference between Canada and Argentina. We have to improve our level and to learn from these situations.”

Coach Orduna: “Very disappointed”

“In the first and the second set we played our normal level, but in the third set we made too many faults. Perhaps it is a lack of experience by my players. They must learn from every situation, especially in serve and defence. I’m very disappointed, but tomorrow is another game,” said Argentinean coach Orduna.

Arnd Ludwig: “We don’t give up”

“In the first two we missed the control over some easy balls, but we didn’t gave up and it was a better Canada in the next sets. This is a historical victory, while it is the first one in the history of the World Grand Prix that Canada won a game. No party tonight. Tomorrow is another game and we have nothing to lose,” concluded an exhausted Canadian coach Arnd Ludwig.

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