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Wroclaw, Poland, August 30, 2014 – In the first complete date of the Argentine Seniors' in Poland, this afternoon took place at Orbis Hotel the official Press Conference for the match Argentina v Venezuela, that will open Argentine participation at the highlight international competition of the season 2014 for the best men teams of the World with the debut of the coach Julio Velasco and the captain Javier Filardi in World Championships wearing Argentine jersey.

The match will take place this Sunday at 11.30 Argentine time, without any confirmation yet of the chance of watching it broadcasted alive. As it happened at the Italy World Championship 2010, Venezuela will be the rival at the opening match for the light blue - white team.

At the Press Conference were present both coaches, Julio Velasco (Argentina) and the Italian Vincenzo Nacci for Venezuela and the respective captains, Javier Filardi and Kervin Piñerua.

Javier Filardi and Kervin Piñerua, the captains of Argentina and Venezuela, respectively, are confident of the process their teams have gone through ahead of the FIVB Men’s World Championship in Poland.

“We have made a good preparation and I want to start with a positive result,” the wing-spiker Filardi said on Saturday during the press conference held one day before the Pool A competition kicks off at Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, a historic venue built in 1913. “We have a tough opponent but hope to win.” “Argentina has played very hard matches and we are ready to face Venezuela, also a strong team in our debut”.

“We are also confident about the work we have done,” the opposite Piñerua said. “It has been four months since we started and I feel good about our chances of winning the match.”

“Matches between Venezuela and Argentina are like derbies,” the Argentinean coach Julio Velazco commented. “There are three strong teams in South America –Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela- and here we are two of them playing in the most important pool and the most important city since Poland is in our pool.” Adding: “I already overcame the emotion of coaching Argentina at the FIVB World League and for me it is very important to be at the World Championship as coach, after being the Assistant Coach in 1982 and helped somehow to the good result obtained by that team coached by the Korean Young Wan Sohn”.

Vincenzo Nacci, coach of Venezuela, echoed Velazco’s comments saying that “all the matches are important but we need to concentrate in playing well all the matches giving our best effort and showing good attitude.” The colourful expression was: “it will be a great pleasure to coach Venezuela as Italian playing v a coach as Julio Velasco that made so much for the Italian and World Volleyball. It is an honour to be able to coach such a match”.

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