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Wroscau, Poland, September 2, 2014 - Among the 14 players of the Argentine Seniors' Men Team participating at the World Championship Poland, six have never before played at this competition but they are very different one fron another as with different ages it is their first chance to be part of the most important International Volleyball Competition, organized every four years. The captain Javier Filardi, the wing spiker Alejandro Toro, the middle wing spiker Martin Ramos, the opposite Jose Luis Gonzalez and both liberos called Sebastian, Closter and Garrocq, respectively wear for the first time at this World Championship the light White and blue jersey and they express their feelings:

- What does it mean to make your debut at a World Championship?

-Javier Filardi (Captain from Cordoba): “It is something very important at this point in my live. I have been part of the National Team for several years but just now I get the chance of playing a WC and I am enjoying it a lot and I hope to be able to fulfil our goals”.

-Martin Ramos (Buenos Aires city): “It is the dream of any player becoming true. I had the chance of participating at a Youth's and a Juniors' World Championships but to be among the best World players it is a feeling without answers. It was very nice because I played on the first match and then, to have my debut, play and win fulfils one with happiness”.

-Alejandro Toro (San Juan): “It is incredible. I always dreamt on wearing this jersey. Today I am playing in this priviledge place, in my first year at the Seniors' Team, playing a World Championship, so my goal is to enjoy it. The group is outstanding, I have many good Friends inside and outside the field and therefore the balance is a great happiness feeling”.

Jose Luis Gonzalez (Mendoza): “It is amazing. This is a very special year in my life. First I will become a father and therefore added to this participation is a time full of emotions. I played, after a season of many ups and downs. It was a perfect dream day”.

Sebastian Closter (Santa Fe): “It was outstanding because as a child I always dreamt on being here. What I am going through is one emotion after another. I felt strange at the beginning because the first match was on the day of the 6th death anniversary of my grandfather so that day was very special for me. I was very excited and the balance is a huge happiness”.

Sebastian Garrocq (Cordoba): “To be in Poland enjoying the World Championship is amazing. When I Heard there was a chance of coming here with this group I started dreaming and I am enjoying day after day. I want to play, to be one of the stars at the field because it must be huge what one feels inside, the emotion of a debut in a World Championship. I only hope Argentina gets great results” .


The Argentine Seniors trained during the morning up to 13.30 again at the playing venue, the Centennial Hall of Wroclaw. Argentina trained just after Serbia, the team we will face this Tuesday at 8.00 Argentine time, a match it will be live broadcast by Fox Sports.