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Velasco emphasized the improving reception of the team

Wroclaw, Poland, September 3, 2014 - At today's morning training, after the Argentine Seniors were overcome by Serbia this Wednesday, the team was divided in two working groups: Facundo Conte, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Sebastian Sole and Javier Filardi went to the gym to work with weights while the rest of the team trained at the playing field at Centennial Hall Stadium.

In the afternoon the team gathered for a technical meeting watching also a video of tomorrow's rival, Cameroon, that will take place at 8.00 Argentine time in the same city of Wroclaw where all Pool A is being held.

The coach, Julio Velazco made a kind of balance of the first two matches of this World Championship v Venezuela with a victory 3-1 and the defeat v Serbia 1-3 giving some of his technical ideas for the next engagament this Thursday.

- What was your idea for this Thursday morning training, after the defeat v Serbia?

- Some players worked with weights because tomorrow morning we will train again and I wanted those players to rest their jumping. With most players we worked serving, receiving and spiking. We had had several problems spiking with a good reception, that keeps working well. It is an old problem of Argentina and we have to find the solution because when the ball is high we are doing things right, we play back but on good balls we are missing. That was the main problem in the first set when Serbia was still nervous from losing their first match v Poland. It is a subject to keep working on. This is, for me, a team that has not giving in this case the technical tactical quality jump. This World Championship will show us in what we must keep working but spiking is an old problem of the team.

- It seemed that the team had the chance but could not maintain their spiking rhythm after some diggings from Serbia, mainly on the hands of their libero Rosic ...

- Argentina lucks the chance of playing maintaining their mind on the field over the physical part due to different reasons, over all when the rival plays well. It is not casual that I did not put a goal, because I consider this team to be preparing itself for the way to play as I wish. Between being rationally convinced and to be deeply convinced there is a huge difference. I believe the team is missing still the deep conviction. It is because what we are using is not working right. We will risk more, we will be more aggressive to see if we can be more harmful. The team receives well, maybe because we train a lot or because we put as receiver someone as Filardi. We have improved with high balls on negative reception generally, but we keep having spiking problems, digging problems and non-forced errors serving. We will try another serving strategy.

- Today's training started with a talk with the players, do you look forward to them finding their identity?

- I still insist in consolidating some things I believe are basic for the team. We need time. I told them something ... I keep fighting against a myth I want to fight against, and it is the idea that we are more capable than the Europeans are. I do not believe it is so. That idea that we have the ability and we only need some orden is very complex to work with. We want to do things that we do not handle well, we believe in our innate ability instead on working on it, or we use the ability by itself, because it looks good and not to solve problems. It is a discussion that we have to solve and that I want to make the team well aware about it.

It touched or it didn't? the questioning about the Video Challenge

- Yesterday's match had a lot of modernity, but due to several stops of the Video Challenge. How do you evaluate that innovation?

- I bet that my players tell me to request it when they are convinced of what happened. I do not like to request the Video Challenge without having the right answer. It is vey important because I do not like a team that keeps regreting and also, because it makes conditional the relationship with the referee. Yesterday we lost three times and in all three we were not right. At the same time I do not believe it is a great advance. I think that every ítem that stops playing is negative. Maybe if it can be used after point 20, once by team, I would approve it because each ball is very important. What happens now is that it is used as time-out at international level matches. After point 20, if time-outs are finished, one can ask two Video Challenge. Everyone can use it even if they know they are not right. then we have the time-outs, the changes, the technical time-outs and now the video challenge. Volleyball playing is over constantly when I think it has to be exactly the contrary.

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