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Over 2,000 volleyball fans watch live Las Panteras prior to Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 7, 2014 - In an unforggetable day for the Argentine Seniors' Women Team, Argentine volleyball fans shared their last match in Avellaneda Jose Maria Gatica Stadium prior to travelling to Italy for their World Championship. Prior to the match, their coach, Guillermo Orduna gave a lecture to all Metropolitan Federation coaches.

In a friendly match that gathered players from all Metropolitan Clubs and former National Team in a team that faced the Argentine Seniors, the result was not important but the fact that their love ones could say farewell. Both teams changed all their players and the result 2-1 was not important.

During the match, awards were handed over to the local Deputy Edgardo Depetri for his support to organize such a wonderful party. The event itself was planned by the Argentine Volleyball Federation together with the Metropolitan Volleyball Federation. Thanks also to Claudio Rial, President of Clubes de Barrio (neighbourhood clubs) and also part of the organization of the farewell to Las Panteras. Some historical women volleyball players also received awards for their help to support Argentine Women Volleyball and also Yamila Nizetich, the captain of the Argentine Seniors received an award given by the local City Hall.

After the match, Orduna pointed out: "Argentine Women Volleyball has these kind of events where all clubs' women take place in a match, those that are or were playing at sometime for Argentina. We want to thank also the Metropolitan Girls that helped playing in this match. No doubt, the Argentine "Las Panteras" that are now part of our best national team understand exactly what they are representing, why they play and the great value of wearing the light blue - white jersey", adding: "I am very satisfied and very happy for this kind of great events".

Karina Pacheco, star player of the FMV Team emphasized: "It is very good that Las Panteras approved to be part of this event. For the people, more than for ourselves that we still play volleyball, to know that they are going to represent the country at the World Championship is a great pride". Claudio Rial at the same time expressed that "for Avellaneda to have Las Panteras is a pride to be pointed out" This, no doubt, helps to broadcast and get girls to get interested in volleyball" while Edgardo Depetri mentions: "It is impressive the audience frame and the answer we get from volleyball fans and sport. The fact that they feel represented by these girls in a premier world competition makes them feel they are also part of the team".

The Argentine Seniors are getting ready for their World Championship and among those playing in this event were Lucia Gaido, Tania Acosta, Yamila Nizetich, Lucia Fresco, Elina Rodriguez, Natalia Aispurua, Sol Piccolo, Emilce Sosa, Julieta Lazcano, Tatiana Rizzo, Leticia Boscacci, Josefina Fernandez, Florencia Busquets, Antonela Curatola, Yael Castiglione and Patricia Oillataguerre.

At the Metropolitan team the following players participated: Karina Pacheco, Maria Laura Vincente, Jimena Perez, Natalia Espinosa, Graciela Allende, Jananía Bergalio, Florencia Carlotto, Aylin Pereyra, Daniela Gildenberger, Melisa Ramon, Carla Castiglione, Malala Serantes, Irina Winer, Veronica Azcona, Romina Galiano, Marianela Garbari, Carla Martinelli, Eleana Bechara and Julieta Martín. They were coached by Eduardo Allona, Ruben Gallego and Marita Paredes.

When there was still half an hour prior to starting the match hundreds of children gave their show at an event called "Let's go Argentina" in the best message for the Girls that will travel to Italy.