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Bydgoszcz, Poland, September 9, 2014 - The Argentine Seniors' trained for the first time this Tuesday afternoon at Lucznizka Stadium, venue where the action for the team will take place in Pool E - Second Round of the World Championship Poland 2014. The debut in this city of the team coached by Julio Velasco will take place this Wednesday, at 11.30 Argentine time v France, leader of Pool D in the First Round live broadcasted by Fox Sports.

It was a very intensive day for the National Team, the first complete day in this new city. During the morning, they made a balance of the match v Poland (on Sunday) and then worked under the coaching of the trainer Javier Crupnik. After lunch, the team headed towards the Stadium training for one hour and a half starting at 15.00 local time.

Julio Velasco, the doctor Fernando Locaso and the manager Osvaldo Celia were present during the morning at the General Technical Meeting together with the delegations of France, Iran and Australia (a formal step that takes place prior to all FIVB events).

Official Press Conference together with France

At 13.00 local time, for Argentina, its coach Julio Velasco and the captain Javier Filardi took part of the official Press Conference together with France coach Laurent Tille and the captain and setter Benjamin Toniutti.

“I think it is all right to try to find new competition formulas as this one, that is being used for the first time. The only problem I see is that some teams reach this second round with little chances of qualifying for the third round as points won in the first round v teams that go on are being added" expressed the Argentine coach Julio Velasco. (For Argentina only 3 through out the victory v Australia - Serbia and Poland, the other two teams that qualified for this second round defeated Argentina).

The captain Filardi added: “We will do our utmost in this second round facing very strong teams. We did a lot of right things on the first part of the competition and now we will try to correct what we are missing”.

The complete Press Conference for the four teams in this venue included:

Four of the six teams in Pool E are keyed up to start the second round and extend their experience of the Polish volleyball culture in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship at the Luczniczka Hall from September 10 to 14, 2014.

The FIVB Control Committee president in Bydgoszcz, Mr Philip Berben, enlightened the teams and the media of the impact of the World Championship and the outstanding preparations by the local organising committee.

“As you know, together with the Olympic Games, the World Championship is the most important competition by the FIVB,” Berben said. “We know that Poland loves volleyball very much. Together with the Polish Volleyball Federation, we are happy that we are holding the championship here.”

The City Mayor of Bydgoszcz, Mr Rafal Bruski; and the president of the Kuyavia-Pomerania Volleyball Federation, Mr Ryszard Ciezki, welcomed the teams and expressed their delight in hosting the competition in the city.

“I am happy to see that Bydgoszcz as one of the elite cities to host the World Championship,” Bruski said. “I am happy about the work that has been done to prepare this competition. I hope that the volleyball supporters and the teams will be able to get this wonderful experience.”

“We welcome the teams in Bydgoszcz,” Ciezski added. “You are all very good teams and we are proud to be hosting you here. Our fans will support you with the same energy they give to the Polish team.”

France coach Laurent Tillie mentioned that Poland is playing with seven players and it will be tough to face them. The seventh player being the Polish fans who flock to the stadium and cheer for their home squad.

“Poland have seven players in every match,” Tillie said. “The six players on the court and then the fans.”

Indeed, the seventh man in the Polish squad have become a representation of what the Polish volleyball culture is all about. For the coaches, this brings a different focus and determination for their teams when they play against the host team.

Nonetheless, these coaches agree that the volleyball culture in Poland is exceptional. The kind of supporters they have in the country are not just cheering for their own national team but also for the other participating teams. The fans’ appreciation for the game is highly regarded by the different teams.

“I want to say that the Polish fans are giving a good example to other volleyball fans,” Argentina coach Julio Velasco said. “They are kind of role models for all the teams and their supporters. All the teams are happy with this kind of atmosphere that the fans are showing in the championship.”

The coaches and captains all expressed their excitement for the second round of the championship and recognise the tough competition ahead of them. For most of them, they hope to achieve a good result.

“We are in the second round and we really feel good,” Argentina captain Javier Filardi said. “We are ready for this championship. I hope that that our matches here will finish with a win.”

“We will play this round better than the first round,” Velasco added. “We will start the second round with France which won Pool D, I am sure that it will be an enjoyable match for the fans in this city.”

“We played a good first round, but we need to focus on the second round and play our best volleyball,” France captain Benjamin Toniutti said. “We are playing five other big teams and we will do our best to win.”

“We are very happy to be here and we are proud to continue to play at this round," Tillie said. “For us it’s a magical experience. The fans and the conditions are fantastic; and we want to continue as longer as possible.”

“Australia are excited to be in the second round,” Argentina coach Jon Uriarte said. “This is an achievement for us and it’s the first time we’ve done it. We are looking forward to win our first match and the upcoming matches, it will be another big challenge for us.”

“We are happy to make it through at this stage, to get the results we want to show our best volleyball,” Australia captain Aidan Zingel said. “We’re going to play every single match as well as possible and we have to focus to achieve that and advance further.”

“It is that first time we made it this far in the World Championship,” Iran captain Mir Saied Marouflakrani said. “Every point is important for all the teams. We are looking for better results. We are very excited and we will do our best to qualify further.”

“Iran want to continue to play good volleyball,” Iran coach Slobodan Kovac said. “We came to do our best to play, to fight, and to get a good result.”

The video of the match v Poland and the training for the match v France were carried out by Federico Fernández Mentaberry (Statistics) and Martin Lopez (Assistant Coach) who study every day the coach requests about the rivals and the balance of what did at that day their light blue - white team.

Training in Bydgodszcz

Fixture of Argentine second round matches:

Wed 10 - 11.30 - Argentina v France

Thu 11 - 11.30 - Argentina v Iran

Sat 13 - 11.30 - Argentine v Italy

Sunday 14 - 11.30 - Argentina v USA

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