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Captain Filardi spiking

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Bydgoszcz, Poland, September 12, 2014 - After losing Argentina all chances of qualifying for the Men's World Championship 2014 Final Round, the team that is hosted in the city of Bydgoszcz, where Pool E (Second Round) venue is settled for the team coached by Julio Velasco, time for all to make a balance of what happened and what comes next is taking place. The captain of the national team, Javier Filardi expressed the feelings and made a balance of the future chances the team that by now is finishing the first international season cycle coached by Velasco.

"Really we were having good performances, in the first round in Pool A we won those matches we had to win and then, against the best rivals as Serbia and Poland we had some good moments but we could not maintain our good level. In this second round in Pool E we played a good match v France but the same happened with the team as before, we worked and performed well during one set and on some parts of the second but then we lost concentration. One of our goals was to keep with our level during the whole match but we did not fulfil it up to now".

For the Cordoba wing spiker: "Against Iran it was not a lucky match, really I believe it was our worst performance not only on the World Championship but during the whole international season. The defeat hurt us a lot because there are no more chances of qualifying for the final round of the World Championship and now to play without any incentive it is very hard on every athlete. The team is growing and building itself up and now we have two more matches against very strong teams - Italy and USA - but there is a good chance to show what we can do in the field".

On the match v Iran he added: "We wanted to make a good match, over all as a team, to show our real level. but we lost playing against a team that stands at the same level as we do but with better present and we lost all chances. We were near, without playing well. We have to change our minds. We have to be able to face rivals no matter their level and play well all matches".

- How does the team stand now?

- It is luck of confidence. To be at the level of the best teams makes one feel one stands nearby of going on participating and winning but to win really is a huge step and our minds, over our technics and outputs weight much more. We have found the way to make it hard for the other teams that face us but we do not maintain our level. It is hard to win one set and then, to start the next one from the beginning. This is a problem in our minds. The other teams have greater physical conditions but we showed that when we play at the same level they do, they feel the same pressure we do but the only difference is their confidence in winning the sets and we can not do it. I think our team is working on doing it and therefore Julio has done a great job. We trained very hard and we talked a lot about this problem. But then, each player, those inside the field must take the decisión and be confident on what they are doing. The day that coming from behind we can win two or three sets then we will start playing well.

His last words were dedicated to the present at the World Championship: "We must erase from our minds the bad match performed against Iran - we already know exactly what happened and to make good use of the matches we will face against Italy and USA. We have to change our image and on these two matches give our utmost because they are great powerful teams. I only hope we can gain confidence and believe we can do it and it will be a different history".

Bydgoszcz Argentine Pool E fixture:

Wed, 11.30 - Argentina v France 1-3 (Info)

Thu, 11.30 - Argentina v Iran 0-3 (Info)

Sat, 11.30 - Argentina v Italy

DOM 11, 11.30 - Argentina v USA