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Lafinur de San Luis was one of the first teams to arrive this Thursday

Chapadmalal, Argentina, September 19, 2014 - With the participation of double-gender fifty teams, this Friday will start in the town of Chapadmalal the U 18 Argentine Cup after welcoming first the U 23 that finished just a couple of days ago. This Thursday all teams arrived and while Obras de San Juan title holder will try to win again the title at the men's competition the women's will have a new champion as Sociedad Española de Jujuy is not participating.

After Libertad de San Jeronimo and the Argentine Youth' Teams won the U 23, Chapadmalal does not rest and now welcomes 24 men's teams and 30 women's on the U 18 Argentine Cup. Then, it will be time for the U 16 and last but not least the U 14 competition in a continuous competition in the same venue that allows some players from each and every team to keep competing in another age-group category.

For the U 18 competition four Pools were organized on the double-gender preliminary round, to be followed by the Gold, Silver and Bronze Cups winners.

All along Thursday teams arrived from all over the country and in the evening the mandatory Technical General Meeting took place. At the same among other subjects the new playing formula was explained to all participant delegations. Today, the competition will start at 8.30 in eight different fields at the Polideportivo Chapadmalal.