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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 5, 2015 — The Argentine 2015 season showed interesting results towards the development of all country volleyball for both genders and at all categories. Naming from the South American Gold Medals, the Pan-American Cups, the qualification for the World Grand Prix 2016 even prior to starting the 2015 edition, the Qualies won for both genders’ for the World Cup Japan 2015 as the first dream faced by each of our teams for the Olympic Games but not forgetting that there is much more, Gold and Silver at the U 18 & U 20 Pan-American Cups, the Final Four and all the Argentine National Championships that show year after year great grass-root U 14, U 16 & U 18 players.

While the Argentine Seniors’ Men Team is still facing the Preliminary Round of the World League standing with chances to qualify for the Final Four with one match — victory left in Bulgaria this Sunday (where the Final Four will also take place) with a wide range of players — of which most of them participated as part of a very demanding and long international season and Las Panteras, the Argentine Seniors’ Women Team overcoming in their debut at the World Grand Prix the host team of Croatia, Argentina faces the two premier annual competitions organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for National Teams working simultaneously with Juniors, Youth and U Youth’s teams on their way to participating at different international competitions as their World Championships (Argentina will host the U 19 Boys’) and nourishing the Seniors’ teams.

The President of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), Juan Antonio Gutierrez keeps the main goal: “We want to qualify for the four Olympic Games Rio 2016 (indoor and beach both genders) and therefore we are working very hard and betting to the utmost with our coaching teams planning and taking important decisions” expressed Gutierrez.

Without forgetting the vital support of the National Sport Secretariat, the ENARD, the Argentine Olympic Committee and the enterprises that help in our development patch, Gutierrez finished his first period heading the FeVA, emphasizing a very important fact for him. “In Argentina an outstanding volleyball job takes places and the basis of this are all country’s Clubs. The movement of Argentine Volleyball sustains itself mainly and only by small and big sport clubs that are the main tool of our development project”.

For Gutierrez the dynamic of the clubs is vital: “We are going through a period in which some mention that some clubs are poor management models in other sports. We, as FeVA stand up for the huge work that they carry out as contention institution first, not only of people but also of whole families, their socialization and then, as second step their sport training. Last but not least the development of the athletes to participate as main goal of high standard competitions. All these is done and obtained by the different clubs, some with resources and some penniless. Therefore all of them are part of our path so we invite everyone to help and work towards the growth of all clubs in our country” finished saying FeVA’s President.

During his management he looked forward to obtaining that all country Federations and Associations joint together listening problems, finding different solutions and deepening really the Federal sense of volleyball. “We have obtain to carry out different very important competitions along the whole country. We carry out our Board of Administration meetings outside Buenos Aires city, we promote meetings and trainings and lectures all over the country. All these because we want to develop and support our province federations so that they can host more and more clubs, in the places were teachers, coaches, dreamers, recruiters, all towards the service of making volleyball growth with a great generosity that is very little pointed out and that we want to emphasize”.

With reference to this season, Gutierrez finished saying: “We are at the doors of making true our Olympic Games dream. The job done by our national teams deserve this award and we will make all possible efforts to obtain this goal”.