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Toronto, Canada, July 21, 2015 — Historical! The closing of the Pan American Games 2015 in Toronto for the Argentine Beach Volleyball women’s pair was a daydream.m In Toronto, Ana Gallay-Georgina Klug defeated the Cuban pair Flores-Martinez 2-1 (21-17, 19-21, 15-7) winning the Gold Medal. The victory came also as a revenge to the match lost in a tie breaker in the Preliminary Round with the final set score being 13-15. The Podium was completed by Cuba (Silver Medal) and Brazil (Bronze Medal).

With all the emotions on the skin, the heart on their hands and their unchanged illusion, Gallay and Klug stepped onto the field to play the final match as if it would their last match in their lifes. With an outstanding level, they were able to control the power of the Cuban service and won the first set quite comfortable, 21-17. With a good rally of Gallay points they found themselves leading 7-4 and did not suffer nearly on the whole but when Cuba scored to put the tallies 15-14 to be nearly with the Gold Medal in their pockets.

But Cuba never kept fighting and on the second set their inspiration put them on the lead by an incredible 1-8 giving excitement to the final result. Leila Martinez kept hurting the Argentine pair. The distance seemed endless but the light blue — white girls found the path to shorten the difference to only two points 8-10 with claws and putting their heart in playing. Nevertheless Cuba had the necessary integrity to force a tie-breaker winning the second set 19-21.

The third and final set was equal to 4-4 but thereafter all what light blue — white to finish 15-7. In a high level show and with great digging (13 for Klug and 12 for Gallay) the Argentine pair shouted Champion in Canadian soil after a spike of Klug that could not be defended by Cuba.

The celebration, the tears and the final relief, including shouting, running and an Olympic round the field, put the Gold clip of an amazing Ana and Georgina campaign, that in a few days only will play in their land, in front of their fans, July 31st — August 2nd, in Buenos Aires Parque Sarmiento, the South American Beach Volleyball Tour. A deserved award and goal for a pair that work and train endlessly and showed, once more, that they can represent the best way, Argentine Volleyball.

Argentine fixture and results:


Monday, 7/13 - Argentina v Cuba 0-2(19-21, 12-21)

Tuesday, 7/14 - Argentina v Santa Lucia 2-0(21-17, 21-17)

Thursday, 7/16 - Argentina v USA 2-0(21-9, 21-11)

Friday, 7/17 - Argentina v Nicaragua 2-0(21-15, 21-15)

Saturday, 7/18 - Argentina v Chile 0-2(18-21, 12-21)

Monday, 7/20 - Argentina vCanada 2-0(21-0, 21-0)


Tuesday, 7/14 -Argentina v Trinidad & Tobago 2-0 (21-11, 21-13)

Wednesday, 7/15 - Argentina v Cuba 1-2(21-19, 15-21, 13-15)

Thursday, 7/16 - Argentina v Mexico 2-0(21-15, 21-10)

Friday, 7/17 - Argentina v Chile 2-0(21-9, 21-10)

Saturday, 7/18 — Argentina v USA 2-0(21-18, 21-12)

Sunday, 7/19 - Argentina v Brazil 2-1(21-17, 21-23, 15-13)

Tuesday 7/21 - Argentina v Cuba 2-1(21-17, 19-21, 15-7)