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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 24, 2015 - Argentina players and coaches are spread all over the world due to their experience and talented skills, required as outstanding athletes for different countries’ Club Leagues (players & coaches) and also National Teams (coaches) but this time, Argentina and more the country's coaches will live an unprecedented and historical experience, a Seminar that gathers in a single day and place, six outstanding and wonderful international coaches that will tell their partners, different experiences, ways to see and train players, and even how they feel volleyball from different points of views.

We are talking of Fabian Armoa (that will lecture about Training in Spiking with Positive Setting) , Daniel Castellani (Searching for Quality in Working Proposals), Raul Lozano (Getting Ready for a New Season with a New Team), Marcelo Mendez (Volleyball Leadership), Julio Velasco (Conformation and Quality Concept about the Working Staff), and Javier Weber (Technical Comparison and Development of Grass-Root players of the Argentine and Russian National Leagues) that will talk to more than 400 participants that already includes already coaches from over the country, Chile, Uruguay and even Argentine coaches that live in Europe (Italy for example) next Thursday, August 6th at 17.00 at the Salon Blanco in Club Italiano and being modest one can mention that it will be a premier experience, never experienced before listening to different voices on the same subject: Volleyball.

All of them have an amazing background as coaches, winning here and there different titles coaching very different teams but with an only goal, to help Volleyball grow every time they take over a team. Today we have the pleasure that Julio Velasco is the coach of the Argentine National Seniors' Men Team but all of them are the premier six Argentine coaches and for those that love Volleyball all will offer their excellency and different experience and background to the audience.

This event has a plus, added to the great experience of teaching / learning event, the same will have a profit target for those that are less fortunate, all money collected will be handed over to different Institutions as follows: Priest Charly from Caacupe Church (Villa 21-24 — Buenos Aires city); “Learn to Fly” (Aprender a Volar - Workshop for Children with Special Needs about 20 km from San Juan Capital City) and School No. 23 D.E. 7 (General Belgrano); added to the fact that supported by the Church mentioned in first place they will create a week activity for the poor children that live in the Villa where they will be able to learn and play volleyball.