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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Juan Antonio Gutierrez, FeVA President

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 28, 2015 – It is not just one more year for Argentine Volleyball. This 2015 arrived with a strong institutional consolidation and the strengthening of the organization profile of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), accompanied by excellent sport results that are the consequence of work, commitment and talent of our athletes.

These are days of the Pan-American euphoria, because Argentine Volleyball won two gold medals for our country after very tough targets fulfilling, with clear and deep effort, solidarity and courage obtained at the Women’s Beach Volleyball competition with Ana Gallay and Georgina Klug and at the Seniors’ Men Team the highest awards.

"Sports result are a mixing of many variables. Of course, the players are the protagonists of their effort, their dedication, professionalism and talent. To all these FeVA added investment, planning, hours of work and commitment to channel the strength of our athletes” expressed FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

During this year 2015 Argentina, together with different City Halls and governments and the joint work with supporters’ and marketing enterprises as Proenter and Turicentro, organized and will organize one Word Cup Japan Qualy, the World Grand Prix, the Final Stop of the South American Beach Volleyball Tour, the U 19 Boys’ World Championship and the Women’s Olympic Games Rio Qualy. This stamp is a sign of the confidence shown by the South American Volleyball Confederation (CSV) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and their Presidents, Rafael Lloreda and Ary Graça Filho," emphasized Gutierrez, adding: "Our pride is that all these competitions took and will take our volleyball to Comodoro Rivadavia, San Martin (Mendoza), Salta, La Matanza (Buenos Aires city surrounding), Formosa, Buenos Aires city, Chaco and Corrientes, fulfilling a federal vision premise that we want to impose to our management”.

The two Toronto 2015 Gold Medals are added up to big steps carried out in recent times. Gutierrez keep pointing out: "We remember the Qualy won by Las Panteras to the last World Championship and now to the World Cup Japan and we dream, bet and are committed to the Olympic Games in Rio. The arrival of Julio Velasco, a huge bet FeVA took that would have been impossible without the generosity and passion of our coach that went on with the development work that today takes us to this Gold Medal, with changes, confirmations and fundamental decisions the coaching staff took. The same applies to the possibility of having our World Champion Mariano Baracetti coaching the Women’s pair. They lead the coaching team with professionalism that ensures growth”.

For FeVA President any outcome would be impossible "without the work of many coaches around the country, without the clubs continuing to hold the initial formation of the kids and the integration of their families with outstanding effort. And it would also be impossible without the efforts of many officials, who work tirelessly to sustain and grow many fundamental institutions of our sport. Therefore these results, in the sand and indoor is a bit of all the enormous movement of Argentine Volleyball, which is part of an integrated project”. The impact of the results in Argentina and the World is remarkable. From all areas, inside and outside the sport, came the recognition, emotion, identification with our teams, not only with those who achieved medals.

"With the support of the National Sport Ministry, the ENARD and the Argentine Olympic Committee, we have achieved that teams presented themselves with a very important development. Preparing themselves, the tour, the crystallization of the projects is the result of these fundamental contributions. Today we have indoor and beach National Teams with dedicated, study and monitoring coaching teams, all working for the present and for the future. Argentina was No. 1 in the World in grass-root categories recently, and is U 15 and U 18 South American champion. Our Seniors’ both gender Teams are the result of this basis and of the Argentine Leagues competitions, that get stronger and stronger along the time. Adding to these, the growth of international competition for our beach teams, the obvious result was the development and growth, and the jackpot of these medals that make us proud”, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez closed saying.

Challenges remain. Very demanding requirements remain. The Olympic Qualy stand in front of us and they are the m the main targets of our Argentine Volleyball movement.