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Over 450 people gathered to hear 6 International Outstanding Coaches


Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 7, 2015 – Argentine Volleyball enjoyed this Thursday an unforgettable activity, hopelessness in the most positive volleyball fan. Six of the most recognized Argentine Volleyball coaches, that grew winning titles one after the other and adapting themselves to totally different life styles – including suiting themselves also to different types of authorities, players, competitions were gathered in Buenos Aires Club Italiano by a “crazy and wonderful idea” of Santiago Darraidou, former World Championship player Argentina 2002 and Poland 2014 and Olympic Games Athens 2004, among other very important international competitions.

All started at a regular coffee break and immediately and with lots of organization and work four of the last five Argentine Seniors’ Men Team coaches, Daniel Castellani, Fabian Armoa, Javier Weber and Julio Velasco (now in charge of the light blue – white team) together with Marcelo Mendez and Raul Lozano, all winners of all level titles all over the World and with a brilliant national and international coaching career shared their knowledge and experience with about 430 coaches (new and many with gray hair), players of all levels, officials and even the most important national media journalists during a seminar that gave each the chance to talk on different subjects giving feedback and being questioned by the participants during 8 continuous hours from 4 pm to midnight when the conference was cut with the cheering of all presents that never moved from their places.

The event was held at an historical Metropolitan Leagues (all ages and both genders) Club Italiano of the city of Buenos Aires with a long volleyball tradition and where Darraidou started “playing and enjoying Volleyball” together with his organization parter, Gabriel Costa.

The Argentine Volleyball family from all over the country gathered during this afternoon with many friends they had not seen for years and with two main purposes, learning from those that know most and with all money raised from the event going to Argentine charities but with the goal of opening volleyball playing fields for those children and young people giving them better access to sport,

With Julio Velasco as the highest profile figure involved the sextet agreed that the passion and motivation for volleyball changed their lives and that they became what they are today, thanks to what they learnt in Argentina. Another common comment is that even they are expertize they have to keep learning daily.

Among their many comments they expressed:

“Each one faces the same problems, the same goals and training but with its own mark and therefore they are not that different as one believes”

“The most important fact in Argentina is the union between players, coaches, authorities, clubs, Argentine League and International Competitions, there is no crash whatsoever while in other countries the two calendars and players are pulled apart by either calendar”.

“In Argentina all categories, but mainly the grass-root players, between Leagues (local, province, national) National Competitions (Club Cups and National Competition) and international tournaments have an average of 80 matches per year… in other countries thanks if they have 10”.

“But Argentine volleyball needs to recover the confidence that working hard in all clubs is primary. There isn’t such thing as ‘talented’ players that need development and growth, maybe one or two but most of the players need hundreds of hours training and then they become the best in their skills”.

“One must train hard, no matter the facilities conditions, the height or the biotype of the players not always means good results”.

“Instead of crying on what one does not have, there is an important need of making the best use of the things one has”.

“There is not an only solution for a problem, one must learn to use the creativity, we have to create men crafts and not industrial robots”

“To be able to manage with problems, no matter political or institutional crisis, the best players even come out from poor countries or some that are in war”

“Efficiency, the relationship between positive and non-forced actions and always motivate the players on the good things they are achieving and not keep pointing out their mistakes”.

“None of us was ever in such a seminar with six outstanding and amazing coaches and such an important number of participants … this means also learning”.

“Technics is the quality of a musician when playing an instrument and sheet music is the tactic system used to play it”.


After lots of cheering and applauding in the air kept the feeling that this is the first activity of “Together for Volleyball” engaging each one of the presents that is possible adding each grain of sand to make volleyball the great sport Argentina needs.