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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Gutierrez and Montaruli in Neuquen with local volleyball members

Neuquen, Argentina, October 15, 2015 - FeVA Pr0sesident, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, together with FeVA's 5th Vice-President and in charge of Sport Organization, Celia Montaruli, met last week with members of the Patagonian Region in the city Neuquen, with Neuquen Volleyball Federation hosting the meeting headed by its president Alberto Carlos Querci. At the meeting were present Raul Vilte, President of Rio Negro Volleyball , Querci representing the FNV, Miguel Soto as Vice-President of the FNV and Rio Negro coaches.

"Once more we pointed out federative management, taking good care and time on each region to make volleyball grow all over the country" expressed Gutierrez.

The host and FNV President, Alberto Querci underlined the importance of the meeting. "We discussed all region subjects and expressed FeVA President how we are working on our development and how to increase coaches and referees training. It was a very useful meeting that boosted our goals. We also explained our reality, the effort that means participating at the different national competitions. Of course Gutierrez knows exactly that we always need FeVA support on training and to participate at the different competitions. He offered more support on training".

During his stay in Neuquen, FeVA President also met with the Province Governor and with authorities to make the first contact towards possible national and international events.

Celia Montaruli mentioned the importance of FeVA presence at the opening ceremony of Araucanias Games, with FeVA President for the first time being part of the event. "Araucanias Games include the participation of 12 provinces, six from Argentina and six from Chile in different sport competitions like volleyball, basketball, soccer, biking, athleltics, etc. FeVA President was present in the first day and I stayed during the whole competition. It was interesting to meet with coaches of different provinces like Tierra del Fuego, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Rio Negro, La Pampa and Neuquen improving the relationship between FeVA and all province federations, together with the Sport Organization so as to improve the Argentine Cups, the Argentine Championships, the different Leagues and other subjects like player's passes. It was an outstanding meeting".