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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 23, 2015 - Improving as much as new technology allows this time among its many teaching and training activities carried out all over the country, FeVA National Referee Secretariat for second consecutive year used the Video system from San Juan Province to carry out an update clinic for Referees registered to participate of the Argentine Leagues on Saturday, October 17th and watched at all level different referees.

It was an update clinic that included subjects like regulations, instructions and levelling for all referees that will participate at matches of the Argentine A1 Seniors' Men League (organized by the ACLAV - Argentine Volleyball Teams League Association) and the A2 Seniors' Men and the A1 Seniors' Women (organized by the FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation).

Professor Rodolfo Rezzoagli, National Secretary and Referee Director of the Argentine A1 League opened the lecture, thanking all San Juan referees; Jose Luis Barrios, Technical Coordinator (who was absent); Guillermo Paredes, Director of the Referee School, who was present from the States; Professor Adolfo Keim, Coordinator of this video broadcasting and the present Cuyo (Mendoza and San Luis) Region referees and also the international referee, Luis Fuentes, also at the lecture.

Among the subjects mentioned the lectures talked about the development of the Leagues and the work the referees have to carry out in the different Leagues, with Gabriel Garay, General Coordinator and Director of the A2 Seniors Men' League, talked about the administrative work at the different venues and different levels of the leagues organized by the FeVA. Garay explained thoroughly the job to be carried out this year by each referee, the duties of all officials at the matches, adding information as that Viviana Marinho would go on in charge of the same and that Ailen Vega was included as new Financial Coordinator.

Marcelo Pierobon as international referee explained about "the behaviour of all participants" mentioning when something should be sanctioned and how to handle different situations at the field, asking all referees to keep their management with the rules, making sure they are aware of all of them and being in charge of what goes on at the precise moment that a problem arises. A video was shown of different cases that needed to be sanctioned and the procedure to follow.

Last but not least, Fabian Concia, also international referee talked about "Playing at the Net", explaining the change of the rule when a player touches the net, also giving advises, for example, images and a video of non-forced correctly charged and those that went by without any sanctioning. He also talked about the ball and players on the rival side and on the three meters line.

Adolfo Keim thanked at the end all connected referees reminding them that the video / lectures would be at hand during the next thirty days for those that wanted to watch it at YouTube. Each participating referee would receive after the final evaluation about the lectures their result.