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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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At this Stadium Tierra del Fuego will become a new FeVA member

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 14, 2015 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation is fulfilling a dreamt management goal as result of its federative work heading towards the development of volleyball all over the country. This Saturday at noon time, Tierra del Fuego will make history becoming the last province of the country becoming part of the Argentine Volleyball Federation. To the official ceremony has travelled FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

"With great pride as FeVA President I welcome a 'complete' country with all its provinces as part of the Argentine Volleyball Federation in its growth and with so many sport illusions. I believe it is a symbol as Tierra del Fuego will receive all the confidence in its clubs, its coaches, players and local volleyball authorities. As I keep pointing out, they are the heart of our volleyball. We must support, make stronger and work together so that we can keep developing. To have 24 federations gathered under our management it was our dream, now it will become real and this is the main thing to keep making our volleyball every day bigger and more important. To make more athletes participate will give each one more chances to grow" emphasized Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

Gustavo Salazar is one of the coaches that has been working hard in a province with 200 thousand inhabitants since he was 14 years old and now he has the historical duty to make true the new Tierra del Fuego Federation, that existed till the year 2002.

For Salazar this is a vital step. "We participated at federative competitions since 1996 but with the creation of the FeVA in the year 2004 is just now when we decided to become a member. Volleyball kept becoming smaller in the province in the last years, with nearly no competition and no training. We have tried to become a member of the Argentine Volleyball Federation in our path to be one more member organizing our volleyball, mainly in the cities of Rio Grande and Usuahia".

The trip to Neuquen of FeVa President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez together with the Vice-President Celia Montaruli was the perfect chance to make both facts agree. "We found to Araucania Games authorities, that for the first time were visited by a FeVA President and thereafter we kept in contact to advance. The coaches that were at the competition also worked before at FUNDATEC at the Argentine A2 League so they trusted in us and even Gutierrez told us that he would take all the necessary steps to add our Federation" added Salazar.

This Friday Gutierrez travelled to Tierra del Fuego to be present at the creation of the new Federation in a meeting at Microestadio Jose Cochocho Vargas with the support of the Sport Under-Secretariat in a volleyball event. At the ceremony all authorities - the new ones and those leaving their places (as part of Government changes) related to Federative Sports will be present as they will be part of the life of this new Tierra del Fuego Volleyball Federation.

"For us, the visit of FeVA President is vital because we can not recall ever that one visited us. The 10 volleyball clubs working here got engaged to be in the meeting. The present Sport Under-Secretary engaged his presence and opened all facilities. We believe that to become a member of the FeVA is a huge volleyball step for our province because until now, not being at national competitions volleyball was not an important sport". "We want to grow as the whole country does, we want our referees to be trained as coaches and also volleyball authorities. We want to participate again at the Argentine gras-root Championships as our last participation was in the year 2006 thanks to FeVA's invitation. And we dream on bringing national teams to train here, to work and to learn day by day something new" finished saying Salazar.